EGCT, BVSN & Extended Watchlist

Ecologic Transportation Inc. EGCT

Yesterday, EGCT managed a gain of 12.5% on 41,500 shares traded, and with zero sells on the bid. It looks like the selling pressure that took the stock down to .20 last week has dried up. From watching the level 2 yesterday we noticed that the support was forming at .34. This is the third successful bounce we’ve seen off of support, and if the stock can test recent highs at .46 and .48, we could be looking at gains on the order of 28-33% from yesterday’s close of .36. A break of those recent highs will send us into full-on blue sky breakout mode, where we could see a new 52-wk high.

(Snapshot taken at yesterday’s close)

If you didnt check out our article on EGCT that we sent out yesterday you might want to do so now. It provides a good look at the market of which EGCT is about to become a part.


BroadVision, Inc. BVSN

BVSN had a stellar performance yesterday, opening at 8.66, dipping as low as 8.50, and hitting 11.75 before closing out the day at 10.68. This range gave us the opportunity to see between 26-38% in gains. It isn’t often that we cover stocks over 5.00, but we seem to have the timing down just as well as we do for any other play.


Extended Watchlist: