GGHO, CMGO & Extended Watchlist

One thing we try hard to do, is continually offer up as many different, and hot plays as we can possibly find. Unlike other newsletters, we are not compensated for the vast majority of our picks. As a service to you, we sift through thousands of stocks on our scanners in a daily attempt to bring forth as many large-upside stocks as possible. Today we have hand selected two 3-cent stocks that both had some nice gains yesterday, and are now working with a fair bit of momentum. Based on yesterday’s performances, and how the charts are setting up, we felt that GGHO and CMGO both deserved a spot on our watchlist. We’ve included annotated charts for each one.


Genesis Group Holdings, Inc. GGHO

The accumulation/distribution on GGHO is steadily rising, and the RSI passed the 50MA, headed into the powerzone. The PPO just crossed, and the histogram just flipped up to the bullish side. The stock broke this year’s previous high of .0279. Should there be a pullback, we’d like to see that hold as the future level of support.

CMG Holdings, Inc. CMGO

The CMGO chart has many similarities, with the RSI heading north past the 50MA overlay. The stock has been holding support off of the 200DMA, and yesterday it broke above the 20, 50, 100DMA’s. We have a pinching PPO looking for a cross, and a Slow STO that has just crossed over.

Extended Watchlist: