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Laser Energetics, Inc. LNGT

Today’s interest is a unique company and product. Laser Energetics makes what are referred to as laser optical distractors. Essentially, high powered lasers are used as a deterrent/disorienting device from anyone from private citizens to government law enforcement agencies. One could imagine all of the scenarios in which technology like this would be useful. The principle the devices are built upon is the same as police car roof sirens, that are designed to cause disorientation through bright and distracting flashing lights. Quite an interesting niche for this company which has been around for more than 20 years.

The primary focus of Laser Energetics is the Dazer Laser® – Light Fighting Technologies™, and its new BrightStar™ Alexandrite laser technology. In addition, LEI is developing a new product line of light diffusers called Totally Reflective Transmitter (TRT) technology, which will be marketed for use in mobile phones and PDA’s screens as well as signage – for example as a replacement for neon signs.

From the stock side of things: This one has made some nice bounces over the past year, making some good runs to .075 and .08 where there is significant resistance. Key levels of support are at .05 and .055. Should the stock get past the moving averages which sit in the range from .06-.063, we could easily see a break to .07 or .08. A move to those levels from here, would mark gains of 36-45%

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