Blue Horseshoe Stocks: LNKD, URBF Recaps & More

LinkedIn Corp. LNKD

If you recall, LNKD was gapping up heavily on an earning beat in the premarket on Friday, leading us to signal a range of options that we felt would provide ample daytrading opportunities early on; specifically, the Weekly $235-245 Calls.

The ensuing action made extremely notable gains possible right out of the gate, as each and every set of contracts within our target range recorded an appreciable intraday pop:

$235 Calls –  Range: 3.50-11.00 – Max Gain: 214%
$237.50 Calls -  Range: 2.10-8.56 – Max Gain: 307%
$240 Calls -  Range: 1.34-6.35 – Max Gain: 374%
$242.50 Calls -  Range: .90-4.20 – Max Gain: 367%
$245 Calls - Range: .42-2.76 – Max Gain: 557%

Our acumen with regard to selecting extreme potential options plays has been continuously improving, and has been a great way for us to add diversity to the methods by which we profit from current trends we see happening in the marketplace.

Urban Barns Foods, Inc. URBF

URBF was a great call for us on the stock side of things on Friday. We tagged this play for observation in our premarket report and were happy with the results.

After logging a low of .0027 right at the outset of the session, the stock spent the entire day pushing its upper limits en route to closing at the high-of-day (.0062). That represented an excellent intraday run of 130%, and it occurred on nearly six times the 3-month average trading volume.

We’ll certainly be keen to continue tracking a stock that closed with that type of momentum.

Viper Networks, Inc. VPER

VPER was another inclusion in Friday’s watchlist, and this super-subpenny showed some real signs of life after hitting rock-bottom at .0001 just a session earlier. The stock traded from a daily low of .0002 to .0004; a clean double-bagger. The move came in conjunction with the trading of just under seven times the 30-day average volume.

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. APDN

Speaking of bottom-plays, we did a great job of catching APDN on Friday just as the stock was coming off of its lowest PPS since August. We observed a daily range from 3.28-3.82, which marked a 16% swing. After pulling back slightly into the close, APDN is gapping back up into the 3.70′s this morning. We’re going to be monitoring the stock for continued signs of a recovery as we begin a new week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL Recap, EQLB & More

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options Update

We want to start things off this morning by going over the huge gains that were made possible by the AAPL options idea we formulated this week. Yesterday we reminded our readers of our intent to stay hot on the trail of the AAPL Weekly $114-116 Calls as the stock was soaring in the premarket off of its Q2 earnings-beat.

It wouldn’t have mattered which strike price traders chose within our target range, because each set recorded a heck of an intraday run:

$114 Calls – Daily Range: 2.70-5.30 – Max Gain: 96%
$115 Calls - Daily Range: 1.96-4.38 – Max Gain: 123%
$116 Calls - Daily Range: 1.33-3.45 – Max Gain: 159%

Congratulations are in order for any of our followers who were able to pare some impressive profits out of those excellent intraday performances.

EQ Labs, Inc. EQLB

EQLB is a play that we want to reiterate our interest in this morning. Our regular readers might recall that we caught this play exactly six weeks ago on the heels of an announced partnership with world-famous music producer, Timbaland.

It ran 77% on the first day we mentioned it, and this month alone, it has traded up from a swing-low of .0026 to .0071; a 173% increase.

There hadn’t been any word of the development of the Timbaland partnership since the initial PR, until yesterday when we noticed a potentially telling Instagram post by the company. They posted the following message along with a photo of Timbaland:

We’ll keep a close watch for any official updates that may be forthcoming pertaining to that story-line. We also like the look of the present chart conditions:

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO – News Update

We also want to pass along the PR update that came down the line from PZOO this morning. We’ve closely followed the company’s ongoing expansion into the cannabis testing space, and  today’s announcement regarding a new partnership adds another link to the chain:

Extended Watchlist:
SLNN, NECA, NAMG, WSTI(Bottom watch)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: WTW, TRIP Updates & More

Weight Watchers International, Inc. WTW – Options Update

Mentioning the stock for the first time in our reports after catching yesterday’s news that Oprah is taking up a 10% stake in WTW, turned out to be yet another great feat of intuition on our part. We suspected that the hype-fueled run in the premarket would be subject to a classic dip-and-rip scenario which would allow us substantial opportunities on the options-trading front, and our assumption ultimately proved to be correct.

Just to refresh your memories, our specific target range was the WTW 11/20 $10-13 Calls, and all but one set in that range produced the chances for which we were looking. The $10 Calls were a bit too far out of the money to see any notable increases, but the $11, $12, and $13 Calls were all winning selections as WTW itself traded from 10.76-15.09 (+40%).

$11 Calls – Daily Range: 1.30-3.99 – Max Gain: 207%
$12 Calls – Daily Range: 1.00-3.50 – Max Gain: 250%
$13 Calls – Daily Range: .75-2.70 – Max Gain: 260%

The stock has continued to barrel upward in the premarket today, having once again cracked the $15 mark. By now it should go without saying that we’ll have to take a look at rolling up our strike prices to stay closer to the money in the event that the uptrend is sustained.

TripAdvisor, Inc. TRIP – Options Update

We began taking advantage of the TRIP options chain last week, where we tracked several different sets of contracts to triple-bag gains and better (we even had a 650% single-session mover!). To kick off the new week yesterday, we reiterated our interest in a specific idea, and it took almost no time at all for it to bear fruit.

We mentioned that we’d continue to observe the TRIP 10/30 $85 Calls and they logged a winning session for us once again. From a daily low of 1.50, they managed to run as high as 1.93. That goes down as a respectable intraday move of 29%
We’ll look for TRIP to maintain support at or above yesterday’s swing low of 82.53 on any pullbacks to stay interested, but we will continue to track these contracts in the days ahead.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Recaps of PPCH, EGYH & More

Energy Holdings International, Inc. EGYH

EGYH presented us with a tremendous swing-trade opportunity after we began tracking the stock last week. It started off as a subpenny play, and following a low of .0081 a week ago today, it barreled its way past the one cent mark and well into pennyland.

The excellent five-session swing from .0081 to yesterday’s new high of .03 represents a move of 270% so congratulations to anyone who took advantage of even a portion of of those gains. We’ll continue to track the progress of EGYH provided it can maintain support above previous resistance at around .02.

Propanc Health Group Corp. PPCH

PPCH has appeared in our reports many times in the past, and most recently, we re-alerted and began tracking the stock at the end of last week. After an appearance in Friday’s extended watchlist the stock made its way down to a low of .0276 just prior to the close, and it hasn’t looked back since.

PPCH followed that swing-low with two consecutive bullish sessions, culminating in yesterday’s high of .0459 just before the end of the trading day. That registers as a 66% swing in slightly over two sessions, and it also logged considerably higher-than-average volume over that span as well.

We’ll look for PPCH to continue stringing together sessions of higher highs and higher lows, helped along by this recent surge in upward momentum.

Petroleo Brasiliero SA (Petrobras) PBR – Options

Speaking of old favorites, we’re revisiting another stock that has appeared numerous times (83 times including this morning, to be precise!) in our reports, and for good reason. Quite awhile back, we caught it coming off what was then its ten-year lows, and leveraged the recovery into thousands upon thousands in percentage gains via the options chain. If you’re a newer subscriber, feel free to go through our PBR archives to see just what we’re talking about.

We want to come back to PBR after all this time, because it has recently set a new 12-year low just prior to the beginnings of a rebound. The chart is ripening, as we’ve pointed out below, so we feel that now would be a good time to track some options calls.

To take advantage of a continued uptrend, we’re going to zero in on PBR Weekly $5.00 and $5.50 Calls for the moment. In the event that PBR manages to break past 5.75, we’d likely be looking at rolling our strike price up to the $6′s.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Reviewing EMBR, GROC & Much More

Great Rock Development Co. GROC

As we were mentioning in yesterday morning’s premarket report, we tagged GROC last Wednesday at a low of .0055, and saw the PPS run as high as .0124 on Friday (+125%).

To kick off this week, GROC would perform well once again, and be just one of several timely alerts in our morning report. The stock briefly traded at .0095 early on in the session, and it would go on to register a daily high of .0148, which represented an intraday rip of 56%, and a four-session swing of 169% over our observed low last Wednesday.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation, as GROC closed on twice its 3-month average volume and with strength, maintaining the majority of its daily advances at .0139.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

We noticed PLUG gaining some momentum off of a recent bottom, noting multiple consecutive sessions of higher highs and higher lows. We mentioned that we’d be on the lookout for that trend to continue into this week, and that is the way it has unfolded.

The other things we said we’d be watching for were the filling of a small gap on the chart around 2.00, and a testing of the 50DMA of 2.13, and we witnessed the occurrence of both. PLUG managed a nice, steady move from the $2-mark up to 2.33 for a solid 16.5% increase, so again, we’ll keep our eyes open for it to keep recording higher highs and lows.

Embarr Downs, Inc. EMBR

EMBR was another stock from yesterday’s report, the activity of which would provide the opportunity for multiple successful swing trades.

From an early low of .0014 it broke out to the high-of-day at .0024 for an initial 71% jump, and that was followed by a dip to .0018 and a run back to .0024 (+33%). Just prior to the close, one more chance would present itself with a pullback to .0017 and return to its closing price of .0022, adding the chance at an extra gain of 29%

Greenway Design Group, Inc. GDGI

GDGI is a super-subpenny that we tagged yesterday after noticing some activity off of its low of .0002, and that activity not only continued, but increased. Roughly between 10:30AM-12:30PM, shares could have been snapped up at that .0002-level, and the stock ended up running into the close at .0004 for a smooth, 100% gain!

Great Basin Scientific, Inc. GBSN

We also want to raise an activity alert on GBSN, a stock we entered into the log three weeks ago as a bottom-watch play. It continued to peel back, setting new 52-week lows along the way, and we included a reminder for folks not to let it slip off a couple of Fridays ago.

After a patient three-week wait, GBSN has finally showed us what we had anticipated; yesterday the stock broke out from .0523 to touch a high of .0785, a nice, round, 50% run! We’ll be watching intently now, to ensure that GBSN will continue to establish a higher base of support and undergo a more sustained recovery.

Extended Watchlist: