Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SRPT Options Through the Roof & More

Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. SRPT – Update

We caught SRPT Wednesday on the heels of the stock’s 52-week low, and immediately pounced with an options idea. The SRPT Weekly $10.50 and $11 Calls produced gains of 237% and 159% respectively that day, and when we followed up in yesterday’s premarket report, we made sure readers understood that those gains would “pale in comparison” to the ones we expected once the session kicked off. We were absolutely correct.

The $10.50’s which we caught at .40 on Wednesday, set a new high of 4.23 to extend our total possible gains to 958%   $11’s whose low from Wednesday was .39 rushed to a high of 4.04, marking a two-day swing of 936%

Pertaining to SRPT stock itself, the two-session move has been impressive there as well, trading up in a range from 8.00 to 15.38, for a highly respectable 92% increase. Cheers to any of our followers who caught on with SRPT, because there were profits to be made across the board!

Chatroom Reminder

We don’t inundate our readers with reminders about our daily live traders chats (Open to all, just send a Skype contact request to ‘stocksumo‘) but every so often we like to give everyone a peek into what typically goes on.

We had our old friend DJ provide the room with a trio of ideas at midday in the shipping sector and all three (PRGN, EGLE and DRYS) continued to stack on some serious gains subsequent to the alert.

Once again, we welcome participation on any level from all of our readers, even if you just want to drop in and see what’s buzzing in the room. Just send that Skype contact request to our very own ‘stocksumo’ and he’ll get you in right away!


Bonus Shipping Play: We also want to add GLBS to the list of shippers we’ll be monitoring after this sector-wide momentum boost. We’re looking for a continuation of that today and possibly into next week.

Fresh Friday Options Ideas

We’ve got a few prime ideas based off of more Q1 earnings beats, so it’s time to put our options-trading hats back on for the following three plays:, Inc. AMZN  – Weekly $670-680 Calls

LinkedIn Corp. LNKD – Weekly $132-134 Calls

Shire plc SHPG – Weekly $190-192.50 Calls

*As we always caution our readers, remember that trading weekly options on Friday is very risky. To be attempted only by expert traders!

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Friday’s Huge Session & More

SharkReach, Inc. SHRK

Our Thursday morning we presented SHRK as a momentum play and were met with one heck of an opportunity as the stock managed to make an intraday swing of 120% from .30-.66 that afternoon on exceedingly heavy volume.

We reinforced our interest in continuing to track the stock on Friday morning, provided it maintained a higher base level of support, and for the second straight day, SHRK came through for us despite choppy market conditions.

We witnessed a run from .62-.85 for a solid 37% swing, and from Thursday’s observed low, it marked a two-day move of 183% Cheers are in order for anyone who has followed SHRK along with us. With another strong close Friday we’ll keep an eye on its activity as we kick off a new trading week.

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options Update

Thursday morning’s report also contained some stellar options ideas as we decided to go bearish on FB. The ranges we highlighted included the Weekly $113-110 Puts and the longer-term ideas of the Feb 19th $109-105 Puts all returned good chances for quick-strike profits.

On Friday we anticipated a second consecutive day of losses for the social media giant, and explicitly stated that “We can expect to see further moves out of these contracts”. Once again our expectations were met precisely as FB continued to tumble, and extended our possible gains to an astonishing level.


$113 Puts – Trading Range: 1.85-9.60  – Max Gain: 419%
$112 Puts – Trading Range: 1.27-8.79 – Max Gain: 592%
$111 Puts – Trading Range: .93-7.70 – Max Gain: 728%
$110 Puts – Trading Range: .47-6.80  – Max Gain: 1346%

02/19 Expiration:

$109 Calls– Trading Range: 1.98-6.65 – Max Gain: 236%
$108 Calls – Trading Range: 1.67-6.00 – Max Gain: 259%
$107 Calls – Trading Range: 1.27-5.31 – Max Gain: 318%
$106 Calls – Trading Range: .99-4.70 – Max Gain: 375%
$105 Calls – Trading Range: .91-4.10 – Max Gain: 351%

In terms of the February 19th Puts we signaled, we are once again reiterating our interest as we expect the gains to continue piling up as FB looks to be in line for another rough outing. We explain our reasoning for this in the following chart snapshot.


As a bonus idea on Friday we also included a wide range of Weekly LNKD Puts ($140-125’s) and every single contract offered up the shot at big single-session profits. They yielded gains running anywhere from 116% to a highly impressive 1671%

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SHRK Recap, Options Updates & More

SharkReach, Inc. SHRK

Our alert to our readers yesterday morning on the situation surrounding SHRK was absolutely spot-on. We tagged it as a momentum-mover and explained that we’d be on the lookout for an early dip followed by another run like the one that occurred the previous day.

Events played out exactly as we ascertained, with the sleight dip to the daily low of .30 occurring first thing in the morning followed by a rebound and an impressive run to a high of .66 toward the end of the session.  It marked an intraday upswing of 120% and occurred on well over five times the 30-day average volume, with the close coming in just four cents below the high-of-day.

We’ll remain interested in SHRK as long as it continues to build higher base levels of support moving forward.

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options Update

Yesterday morning, our notion that FB was in line for a significant tumble proved to be the right idea. We signaled a range of both short and intermediate term options contracts to correspond  with our bearish feelings on the stock, and every single target yielded the chance for premium intraday gains.

Our short term range included the Weekly $113-110 Puts and the longer-term idea was concerning the Feb 19th $109-105 Puts. Here’s a breakdown of the kinds of gains that were made possible by our timely alert.


$113 Puts – Trading Range: 1.85-3.91  – Max Gain: 111%
$112 Puts – Trading Range: 1.27-3.15 – Max Gain: 148%
$111 Puts – Trading Range: .93-2.41 – Max Gain: 159%
$110 Puts – Trading Range: .47-1.91  – Max Gain: 306%

02/19 Expiration:

$109 Calls– Trading Range: 1.98-3.13 – Max Gain: 58%
$108 Calls – Trading Range: 1.67-2.76 – Max Gain: 65%
$107 Calls – Trading Range: 1.27-2.33 – Max Gain: 83%
$106 Calls – Trading Range: .99-2.00 – Max Gain: 102%
$105 Calls – Trading Range: .91-1.71 – Max Gain: 88%

We can expect to see further moves out of the these contracts as FB is down even further in the premarket this morning.

Bonus Idea: To close out the week we’ll also have our eyes on Weekly LNKD $140-125 Puts. Despite an earnings beat, reduced guidance is leading to a premarket backslide for LinkedIn.

Now Corp. NWPN

We also want to quickly congratulate any of our readers who may have caught our tag of NWPN in Wednesday morning’s premarket report. Our observed low on that day was .002, and as of yesterday’s impressive new high of .007, we had witnessed a two-day swing totaling 250%

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