Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL Recap & More

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options Followup

Only seven trading days have elapsed since we slated some longer-term Apple options ideas for observation on the 1st of this month. We were looking at the AAPL 06/01 $167.50 & $170 Calls and we’re pleased to return just over a week later to report that AAPL has mounted a heck of a seven day upswing, facilitating some fantastic gains in our flagged contracts.

So far the $167.50’s have traded in a range from 4.36-19.98, an increase of 358%, while the $170’s exploded 435% from 3.30 to 17.64.

Trip Advisor, Inc. TRIP Weekly $45.50 & $46 Calls

We also had some fresh options ideas in yesterday’s morning report, the TRIP Weekly $45.50 & $46 Calls. What we got from those, was a highly respectable intraday performance.

The $45.50 Calls surged up from .85-2.30 for a single-session rip of 170%, and the $46’s ran from 1.35-2.77, a 105% pop.

Helios & Matheson Analytics, Inc. HMNY

We want to place HMNY on intensive bottom watch this morning after noticing the setup on the chart. The stock has been absolutely punished over the past couple of trading days, and as you can see below, the RSI is now in heavily oversold territory.

The last time the stock was this oversold, at the beginning of April, it recorded an upswing of over 100% so we’ll want to keep an eye on its activities. at least for the remainder of the week, and possibly longer.

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FARO 05/18 $50 & $55 Calls

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BLNK, Bottom-Play & More

Blink Charging Co. BLNK

We signaled our interest in BLNK in yesterday morning’s premarket report via the Extended Watchlist, and we’re happy to report on what was a very productive first day of observation.

From a low of 4.34, BLNK made a highly respectable intraday run to 6.34, marking an intraday push of 46% Prior to Monday’s session, wherein the stock picked up in a big way, it had been trading sideways for quite some time. We will be interested in monitoring this play for the possibility of a more sustained uptrend in the days ahead.

Gogo. Inc. GOGO

We want to also bring some attention to the massive selloff which has occurred over the past three trading days. After trading for nearly $10/share, a disappointing earnings release and subsequent Moody’s downgrade has precipitated close to a 50% drop, leaving GOGO trading at just above $5.

We’re going to want to put this one on intensive bottom-watch, as we prepare for possible course correction leading to a bounce play opportunity.

Fresh Options Idea:
Trip Advisor, Inc. TRIP Weekly $45.50 & $46 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: WTW, TRIP Updates & More

Weight Watchers International, Inc. WTW – Options Update

Mentioning the stock for the first time in our reports after catching yesterday’s news that Oprah is taking up a 10% stake in WTW, turned out to be yet another great feat of intuition on our part. We suspected that the hype-fueled run in the premarket would be subject to a classic dip-and-rip scenario which would allow us substantial opportunities on the options-trading front, and our assumption ultimately proved to be correct.

Just to refresh your memories, our specific target range was the WTW 11/20 $10-13 Calls, and all but one set in that range produced the chances for which we were looking. The $10 Calls were a bit too far out of the money to see any notable increases, but the $11, $12, and $13 Calls were all winning selections as WTW itself traded from 10.76-15.09 (+40%).

$11 Calls – Daily Range: 1.30-3.99 – Max Gain: 207%
$12 Calls – Daily Range: 1.00-3.50 – Max Gain: 250%
$13 Calls – Daily Range: .75-2.70 – Max Gain: 260%

The stock has continued to barrel upward in the premarket today, having once again cracked the $15 mark. By now it should go without saying that we’ll have to take a look at rolling up our strike prices to stay closer to the money in the event that the uptrend is sustained.

TripAdvisor, Inc. TRIP – Options Update

We began taking advantage of the TRIP options chain last week, where we tracked several different sets of contracts to triple-bag gains and better (we even had a 650% single-session mover!). To kick off the new week yesterday, we reiterated our interest in a specific idea, and it took almost no time at all for it to bear fruit.

We mentioned that we’d continue to observe the TRIP 10/30 $85 Calls and they logged a winning session for us once again. From a daily low of 1.50, they managed to run as high as 1.93. That goes down as a respectable intraday move of 29%
We’ll look for TRIP to maintain support at or above yesterday’s swing low of 82.53 on any pullbacks to stay interested, but we will continue to track these contracts in the days ahead.

Extended Watchlist: