Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Movers

Options Updates: 

We’re going to start out this morning by going over some recent extended term options ideas we’ve had and the success they’re enjoying after Friday’s market rebound from Wednesday’s big dip. We are also seeing the makings of a continuation of Friday’s momentum today, so we expect to see the gains listed on our ideas to below to be expanded with another bullish session. 

Agilent technologies, Inc. A – Our timing with Agilent couldn’t have been much better, citing the A 9/20 $65-70 Calls as our area of interest on Wednesday. The recovery that would follow for stocks in general would  help push those targets to some extremely solid intraweek runs.

$65 Calls – Range: 3.50-6.71 – Max Gain: 92%
$67.50 Calls – Range: 2.30-4.48  – Max Gain: 95%
$70 Calls – Range: 1.35-2.80 – Max Gain: 107%


Boeing Corp. BA - We have been tracking a range of Boeing calls since early this month, signaling our interest in the BA 09/06 $340-350 Calls on the morning of August 5th. We’ve seen some pretty good activity from four out of those five sets of contracts, and will continue to monitor for further gains as we mentioned above.

$340 Calls – Range: 2.80-4.64 – Max Gain: 66%
$342.50 Calls – Range: 2.10-3.70  – Max Gain: 59%
$345 Calls – Range: 1.08-2.85 – Max Gain: 164%
$347.50 Calls – Range: 1.60-2.35 – Max Gain: 47%

Fresh Idea:
SPY Weekly $290.50-291.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Roundup

Options Review

CSX Corp. CSX – We highlighted some fresh options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report and CSX turned out to be the prime target out of the bunch. We designated the CSX Weekly $77-76 Puts as our contracts of interest, and those ended up producing some respectable chances at intraday gains.

$167.50 Puts – Range: 3.53-6.75 – Max Gain: 91%
$170 Puts – Range: 3.21-6.00 – Max Gain: 87%
$175 Puts – Range: 2.54-5.85 – Max Gain: 130%


Abbott Laboratories, Inc. ABT - 
Another of the targets we selected based on yesterday’s premarket earnings reporters was ABT. Our contract of interest was the ABT Weekly $83.50 Calls, and we’re pleased to report that those returned a multi-bag single session run.

Those calls ran from a low of 1.34 and subsequently reached 3.75, which was good for an intraday gain of 180%

JB Hunt Transport Services Inc. JBHT - On Tuesday morning, we signaled the JBHT Weekly $95-100 Calls as a potential play, and in addition to makling a 100% move for us on that day, yesterday brought even more solid gain opportunities. The $95 Calls ran from .65-3.30 for a walloping 408% while the $100′s took of from .05-.35, marking an incredible 600% rip in a single day!

Fresh Ideas:
eBay Inc. EBAY Weekly $40-41 Calls
Novartis NVS Weekly $92.50-95 Calls, Inc. OSTK $18.50-19 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Wrapping Up a Solid Week

Five Below Inc. FIVE

Fresh for yesterday morning’s premarket report, we jumped on the FIVE options chain with some quick-strike ideas in the FIVE Weekly $125-127 Calls and after an impressive $5+ intraday run for the stock itself, all three of those ideas bore fruit instantly. We wanted to recap the performance this morning, as well as update our idea for this play.

$125 Calls – Range: 2.40-5.00 – Max Gain: 108%
$126 Calls – Range: 2.18-3.30 – Max Gain: 51%
$127 Calls – Range: 1.64-3.00 – Max Gain: 83%

With FIVE gapping up again in the premarket today, we expect to see further gains from the above-mentioned contract sets, but we also want to roll up our potential strike prices a bit to follow the money a little closer. We’ll include the FIVE 04/05 $128-129 Calls in our pool of ideas going forward.


BlackBerry Ltd. BB – Fresh off of the scanner this morning, we’ve got BlackBerry making waves in the premarket after a solid beat on revs and profits, in a quarterly release that included record software IP licensing. We’re going to keep an eye on the BB Weekly $9-10 Calls*.

CarMax, Inc. KMX - CarMax also reported this morning, and it too is moving the needle in the premarket on the heels of a beat on profits. We’re going to add the KMX Weekly $65.50-67 Calls* to our tracklist for today as well.

*DO NOT attempt to trade weekly contracts on a Friday unless you an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: CDVI Recap, TINO Promotion & More

Cal Dive International, Inc. CDVI

On Tuesday, we introduced CDVI via our extended watchlist. We had been monitoring the stock after noticing it had taken a tremendous beating prior to that point. Some of our biggest gainers have come from recovery plays, and what we’ve seen from CDVI has been pleasing thus far.

Our timing in picking up on this play turned out to be on the nose, as it came from a new 52-week low of .08 on Tuesday, all the way back to .15 just prior to yesterday’s close. That represents an 87% rebound over the span of two sessions, so we’ll mark CDVI down as an excellent call on our part.

As far as how to approach it moving forward, we might want to take a listen to the Earnings Conference Call slated for 10AM EST today. The company released its Q3 financials after hours yesterday, and it will be interesting to hear the officials’ take on the results, which, at first glance, did include both positives and negatives, as well as future guidance . >>View PR

Either way, we’ve already had a major opportunity from this stock, so congrats to anyone who was able to turn a quick profit off of CDVI on its tremendous bottom-bounce.

Tamino Minerals, Inc. TINO

TINO is another one we want to mention briefly this morning, and enter it into our readers line of sight. The stock has been seeing a pickup in both volume and PPS over the past several sessions, with the effect intensifying toward the end of yesterday’s session.

It comes in advance of a large promotion occurring on the stock today. Let us be clear that we are not involved in today’s promotion on TINO, we simply wanted to pass that information along because it may be possible for us to take advantage of any surges it may produce. Should the stock begin to run, our mentality should be to snipe out quick gains before accumulation slopes off and the increase of selling pressure occurs. In these scenarios, it’s safer to shoot for rapid singles and doubles rather than holding on for a home run.

Extended Watchlist – Morning Gappers:

Gap-ups: CGG, PLNR, SFUN, PERI, RVLT, RDNT(Look for profit-taking to cause fade and subsequent bounce opportunities)

Gap-downs: AEZS, SZYM (Look for a potential bounce from over-selling)

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: EAPH, PMCM & More

Easton Pharmaceuticals, Inc. EAPH
EAPH fared very well on Thursday following our re-alert of the stock, providing us with the chance for solid gains before we broke for the long holiday weekend.  We mentioned that we liked the potential, especially if it could break its key resistance at .021.

In fact, EAPH broke through that resistance and kept on running, to a high of .031 before all was said and done. From the day’s low of .0197, that marked an intraday move good for up to 57% in quick-strike profits for nimble traders.

Take a look at the following video for chart commentary on EAPH:

Moving forward, we’ll want to see EAPH hold support at or above .021 in order to keep us interested.

Primco Management, Inc. PMCM

PMCM is another of last week’s alerts to perform well for us during Thursday’s half-session. We brought readers an update on this repeat pick on Tuesday, at which time the stock was trading at a low of .0021.

The stock made higher lows for the remainder of the short week, and touched .0031 on high volume on Thursday, which marked an intraweek move of 46%

As we begin another week, we’d like to see PMCM hold support above the 50DMA of .0021. The next key areas of resistance to watch for a break will be .0037 and .0045.

PMCM, like EAPH, is a cannabis-related play, and as we’ve been consistently reminding our readers, the sector could very well be in for a boost on the heels of the beginning of legal sales in Washington State, and already we’ve begun to see quite a bit of evidence to support that theory. By the end of the week an expected 20 or so shops will have received their recreational marijuana licenses and begun selling the plant.

Extended Watchlist: