GRST, CELZ Recaps & More

OTC Recaps 

As we’ve mentioned several times over the last month, we have been supplementing quite a bit of OTC-traded stocks in addition to our routine options watchlists. Here are a couple of movers that we’ve been tracking. 

Ethema Health Corp. GRST – We initially alerted on GRST on the morning of June 5th, at which time the stock was trading in the super-subpenny basement at ,0002 a share. Yesterday, the stock attained an impressive new high at .0027. That’s a monster gain of 1250% in a period of just eight trading days, and it adds yet another thousand-percenter to our 2020 track record, which contains several at this point.

Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Inc. CELZ – We put CELZ on our extended watchlist in yesterday’s premarket report, and the stock produced a fairly nice intraday gain on the session.

From a low of .0044, the stock saw a high of .0073, which works out to a 66% rip. If it manages to crack recent resistance at .0075, there;s not a whole lot stopping CELZ from making a run into penny-plus territory.

Fresh Options Ideas:

GRPN Weekly $28-29 Calls & 07/02 $30-31 Calls

SIEB 07/17 $5 Calls
ATAX 07/17 $5 Calls

Special Note: H&R Block stands to see increased business flow over the next month with the tax deadline having been pushed back due to the coronavirus. We’re going to signal the HRB 07/17 $19-20 Calls for a possible swing trade.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Success Continues


First thing’s first today, we’re going to highlight the total possible gains which have resulted from options ideas we’ve posted in our morning reports over the past three trading days.

On Friday morning, we slated the GlaxoSmithKline plc GSK 05/17 $41 Calls for observation, and have seen a very solid increase since then. The $41 Calls were trading as low as .32 the morning of our alert, and yesterday, reached a high of .65. That marks a three-day swing of 103% The company posted an earnings beat this morning, so we’ll continue to monitor for any further potential progress here.

Yesterday morning, we flagged the Seagate Technology plc STX Weekly $46.50-47.50 Calls, and were met with instant good fortune with those ideas. The single-session gains on this set of ideas was excellent:

$46.50 Calls – Range: 1.02-2.25 – Max Gain: 121%
$47 Calls – Range: .75-1.65 – Max Gain: 120%
$47.50 Calls – Range: .75-1.35 – Max Gain: 80%

Lastly, also in yesterday’s report, we had the GE Weekly $10 Calls, and those fared reasonably well also, trading in a daily range from .19-.35 (+84%).

Apple, Inc. AAPL Weekly $207.50-210 Calls

CVS Corp. CVS Weekly $56-58 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BLNK, Bottom-Play & More

Blink Charging Co. BLNK

We signaled our interest in BLNK in yesterday morning’s premarket report via the Extended Watchlist, and we’re happy to report on what was a very productive first day of observation.

From a low of 4.34, BLNK made a highly respectable intraday run to 6.34, marking an intraday push of 46% Prior to Monday’s session, wherein the stock picked up in a big way, it had been trading sideways for quite some time. We will be interested in monitoring this play for the possibility of a more sustained uptrend in the days ahead.

Gogo. Inc. GOGO

We want to also bring some attention to the massive selloff which has occurred over the past three trading days. After trading for nearly $10/share, a disappointing earnings release and subsequent Moody’s downgrade has precipitated close to a 50% drop, leaving GOGO trading at just above $5.

We’re going to want to put this one on intensive bottom-watch, as we prepare for possible course correction leading to a bounce play opportunity.

Fresh Options Idea:
Trip Advisor, Inc. TRIP Weekly $45.50 & $46 Calls

Extended Watchlist: