Blue Horseshoe Stocks: BVTK Pops Again & More

Bravatek Solutions, Inc. BVTK

BVTK was among our mentions in Wednesday’s premarket report after it was unearthed in our chatroom* the previous morning before making a 500% move.  Those who missed that run got another chance right away as the stock ran from .0009-.0035 that afternoon, and topped out at .0041 to close out the short week on Friday. That added another two-day swing of 355% to the activity we had observed in BVTK, which was followed by a pullback to .0015.

Once again, to kick off the new trading week yesterday, BVTK began to run, returning to a high of .0034 on the day, representing yet another two-day upswing out of this volatile runner amounting to 127%  The stock ended the session having traded roughly three-and-a-half times its monthly average volume. Things could get very interesting if it can manage to crack resistance at the previous swing high of .0041.

The company filed an 8-K this morning as well , pertaining to an agreement with i3 Integrative Creative Solutions, pursuant to which i3 Integrative will promote and solicit commitments in the United States federal government military and civilian markets regarding the Company’s cybersecurity email software and telecom services. (>>View Filing)

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Bank of America Corp BAC – Options Ideas 

Whenever we spot an opportunity to swoop in post-earnings with some options ideas, we jump on it right away, and that’s what we have with BAC this morning.

We haven’t highlighted this stock in quite awhile,but with a very solid beat on earnings and a small gap-up in the premarket, we’re going to want to signal a couple of short term contracts for observation in the BAC Weekly $22.50 and $23 Calls.

In the event that a more sustained rebound is in the cards, considering the fact that BAC was already coming off of a relative bottom just yesterday, we’ll have the BAC 05/12 $23.50 & $24 Calls on watch as well.


We want to put an observational tag on both Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. SRNE and OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. OMED.  Both of these stocks have taken serious beatings of late, and consequently, are in extreme oversold territory. Chances for recovery plays here seem quite high, so we’re going to watch for these to establish higher lows in sessions ahead.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Fresh Options Ideas & More

Horizon Pharma plc  HZNP

Good morning traders! We’re back to kick off another trading week, and we’re going to start off by taking a look at an early mover in HZNP. The stock is gapping up moderately on the tail of a mixed-result earnings release, as a well as the announcement of a 5M share repurchase program.

We’re interested in signaling a pair of options contracts in the HZNP chain for observation, should the bullish sentiment we’re seeing here in the premarket boil over into the session.

Our targets are going to start out as the HZNP Weekly $14 and 15 Calls. Key resistance is currently sitting at the 50DMA of 16.15. In the event that HZNP were to test and breach that boundary, we’d look to roll up our strike price to the $16′s.

Yelp, Inc. YELP

YELP was included in our watchlist on Friday, and the stock produced a bullish performance on the day. We observed a 13% rise on the day from a low of 23.66 to a high of 26.75. That’s a respectable single-session move out of a stock in this price range.

Moving forward, we’ll be watching closely for YELP to maintain support above its current 200DMA of 23.55. That will act as our deciding point on the chart. Should the stock hold above that level on any pullbacks, we’ll look for possible swing-trade opportunities in YELP Weekly $24-27 Calls. Failure to hold that price point would signal us to flip to the bullish side and the $27-24 Puts.

Square, Inc. SQ

We also want to put SQ on a bottom-watch this morning after a post-market earnings call on Thursday precipitated quite a bit of fallout during Friday’s session. Despite a boosted outlook for the remainder of 2016 and big-time growth compared to the same quarter last year, SQ was absolutely hammered.

That makes it fair game for a potential rebound in coming sessions, so we’ll have it on our radar for that possibility. If it appears that a recovery is imminent, we’ll look to use in-the-money calls to leverage some nice gains out of this play.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR Options Update & More

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR – Options Update

We called for a potential dip-and-rip play on PBR Calls yesterday, after following the contracts to gains exceeding 200% on Monday-Tuesday’s spike to .64. We did see the dip back down to the .30-range, and the subsequent rip came too, as the $16 Weeklies we’ve tracked from a low of .20 hit the 300% mark at .80 yesterday.

If you recall Tuesday’s report, we said: “Should PBR approach the 16.35-level, we would then have to consider moving up our strike price.”  PBR did indeed test and break that price target (HOD 16.76) during yesterday’s session, and as a result the $16.50 Calls went on a romp from a low of .18 to .46, an impressive single session move of 155%

We hope our meticulous and spot-on forecasting of the PBR Options chain this week has at the very least, illustrated why we like to cover options just as well as stocks. As you can plainly see, the chances for quick gains are plentiful under the right conditions, as evidenced by the exponential profits offered to us by this play, time and time again.

Even as the talking heads saw fit to downgrade PBR earlier this year, we’ve stuck with it as it was coming off of ten-year lows back in March at 11.25, and brought continuous coverage as the stock has bulled its way up to more than $17. This will definitely go down as one of the brightest spots in 2014, a year that has thus far been extremely good to us.

Med-Cannabis Pharma, Inc. MCPI

We mentioned that MCPI might see some momentum carryover from Tuesday’s session in yesterday morning’s report, and that’s just what we saw. The stock would make an intraday move of 25% from .4375-.5475.

.Monday’s initial alert on MCPI gave folks a chance to grab MCPI as low as .355, from which yesterday’s high marked an increase of 54%

It’s also given us a chance to get our feet wet within the slowly-forming Washington State-based cannabis industry. We’ll have our eyes peeled for others that are sure to pop up as the state makes its transition away from prohibition.

Added Note:

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. WWE 

Just to throw in a new options trading idea as we approach the end of the week, we’re going to be monitoring the WWE 09/20 $15 Calls, which closed at .50 yesterday.

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