Closing Out a Hugely Successful Trading Week

More New Highs for Options Ideas 

We continued tracking the options ideas that we reported on yesterday morning, as the markets ripped once again and new highs were set all the way across the board.

We had signaled each of the following ideas in Wednesday’s report, so the following updated figures represent the total ranges and possible gains over just the past two sessions:

SPY Weekly $240-245 Calls
$240: 7.31-22.76 (+211%)
$241: 6.92-21.59 (+212%)
$242: 6.27-20.86 (+233%)
$242.50: 6.20-19.47 (+214%)
$243: 5.90-20.00(+240%)
$244: 5.39-18.19 (+238%)
$245: 4.92-18.04 (+267%)

WGO 04/17 $25-30 Calls
$25: 2.50-9.00 (+260%)
$30: 1.13-5.40 (+379%)

NKE Weekly $78-81 Calls
 2.17-9.20 (+324%)
$79: 1.98-7.78 (+292%)
$80: 1.43-7.09 (+396%)
$81: 1.23-6.25 (+408%)

More Options Recaps:

Moving right along, we also offered readers three new ideas for yesterday morning as well. We mad calls in the MU, BA, and ZM chains, and every single one of those came back a multi-bag winner as well.

MU Weekly $42.50-45 Calls
 1.86-3.50 (+88%)
$43: 1.56-3.00 (+92%)
$43.50: 1.32-2.50 (+89%)
$44: 1.05-2.28 (+117%)
$45: .66-1.59 (+141%)

BA Weekly $165-172.50 Calls
$165: 12.00-25.00 (+108%)
$167.50: 10.55-22.00 (+109%)
$170: 9.05-21.31 (+135%)
$172.50: 7.95-19.50 (+145%)


ZM Weekly $140-145 Calls
$140: 5.20-9.40 (+81%)
$145: 3.40-6.42 (+89%) 

Fresh Options Ideas: 
SPY Weekly $255-253 Puts
TLRY Weekly $8-9 Calls
KBH Weekly $19-20 Calls 

*Trading weekly options on a Friday is incredibly risky and should never be attempted by beginning or intermediate level traders! 

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Nike Inc. NKE 

The first of two fresh options ideas submitted in our report in yesterday’s premarket, our NKE targets provided us with some good opportunities early on in the session.

It was the NKE Weekly $89-91 Calls, and despite low volume in the $90.50’s, the rest of those targets worked out just fine. Here are the total possible intraday gains that were on the table.

$89 Calls – Range: 1.69-2.69 – Max Gain: 59%
$89.50 Puts – Range: 1.32-2.06 – Max Gain: 56%
$90 Calls – Range: .99-1.77 – Max Gain: 79%
$91 Calls – Range: .55-1.10 – Max Gain: 100%


By now, our regular readers should know that the SPY is often our go-to target for on-the-fly options ideas. It’s a market analog that has rarely failed us in the past.

Yesterday’s idea of the SPY Weekly $296-297 Calls was no exception to this. Here are the single-session gins that were possible with these ideas.

$296 Calls – Range: 1.06-2.70 – Max Gain: 155%
$296.50 Puts – Range: .85-2.32 – Max Gain: 173%
$297 Calls – Range: .67-1.95 – Max Gain: 146%

The SPY is gapping up again this morning. We’d expect to see these gains extended, and will expand our track list to include the $297.50 and $298 Calls as well.

Fresh Options Ideas:
KBH Weekly 10/18 $32-33 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

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Acuity Brands, inc. AYI – Options Update

We took the opportunity to jump on some AYI calls following a poor showing from the company’s Q3 financials. We felt that the blow taken by the stock in the previous session was an overreaction, and decided to radar a couple of sets of contracts in the AYI chain to correspond with what we assumed would be a rebound from this burst of overselling,

Our targets were the AYI 07/19 $125-130 Calls.  We banked on a course correction to provide us with a push and things turned out just as we hoped they might. The stock traded in a daily range from a low of 129.90 and cruised as high as 136.74. That allowed for some very respectable intraday gain opportunities for us, and we will want to continue to monitor these in the sessions ahead.

The $125 Calls ran from 6.10-11.55 for a daily rip of 89% while the $130’s went from 2.85-7.20, a gain of 153%  A full two weeks remain before these contracts expire.

KB Homes KBH – Recap 

We also signaled our interest in some KBH calls last Thursday. Since that time, the stock has been slowly creeping upward, and we’ve realized the potential for some very nice moves in our KBH 07/19 $26-27 Calls, which experienced their lows on the morning of our initial alert, and reached new highs yesterday.

The $26 Calls ran from .35-1.05, for an even 200% burst, while the $27’s fared slightly better. Those produced a move from .15-.47, signifying a run of 213%

Extended Watchlist: