Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options for the Week & More

Arcadia Biosciences, Inc. ARKA – Update

We placed RKDA on watch on Friday morning’s premarket report. We caught it off of one of our routine premarket scans, and determined that a bounce play was a good possibility. Not only did we get what we were looking for, but the stock looks ready to gap-up once again this morning.

From a daily low of 2.70 the stock reached as high as 4.97, marking an intraday increase of 84% When measured to today’s new premarket high of 6.42, it works out to a two day swing of 138% and gives us good cause to continue to monitor its activity as we open up a new trading week.

DXC Technologies, Inc. DXC – Recap 

We went bearish on DXC in Friday’s report, offering up an options idea of the DXC 08/16 $40-37.50 Puts. Both of those contracts performed well as DXC had the floor fall out from beneath it, posting the worst daily loss in nearly two decades.

The $40 Puts ran from 2.66-5.00, representing an intraday pop of 88% while the $37.50’s soared into multibag gainer territory with a move from 1.00-3.10, a gain of 210%

Fresh Options Options Ideas for the Week:
SYY Weekly $71.50-72.50
GOLD Weekly $18-19 Calls 

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review

Tiffany & Co. TIF – Options Recap
We wanted to take an opportunity to backtrack to our options idea from Wednesday, the TIF Weekly $114-117 Calls. We caught the stock on the heels of its earnings report, and the subsequent activity allowed for a good chance for us at the top of that range.

Our ideas got pushed so deep in the money, that the big winner turned out to be the 117’s. Those contracts started out on Wednesday from a low of 1.53, and as of yesterday had reached an impressive high of 8.24. That works out to a two-day swing of 439%

Footlocker, Inc. FL 

We’ve had some good luck with the FL options chain in the past, and we’re going to place some contracts on watch today in the wake of the company’s big profit and sales beat this morning. Q1 earnings blew people away today, and as a result the stock is up considerably.

With no weekly expiration contracts available, we’re going to go out to the FL 06/15 $52.50-55 Calls, for potential quick strike trades.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: INCC, SHMN & More

International Consolidated Companies, Inc. INCC

To start  things off this morning we’re going to talk about INCC, a stock that popped up on one of our recent scans. It rose from the dead a couple of weeks ago, and has made a huge move from triple-zero territory into the .003’s pushing to new highs and putting us on alert.

When we see a stock in this position, we start to think about the potential for dip-and-rip opportunities. We’ll monitor the activity from here, waiting for the inevitable pullback, which will put us in vulture-mode. When we witness the bottom, that’s the time to swoop in, and make a quick play on the bounce.


This morning’s scan yielded a potential opportunity with SHMN. We like the look of this play for a few reasons. Firstly, the stock is coming off of a relative bottom, so we like the current price range here in the .002’s.

We also noticed the SHMN share structure, with just under 90M in the float, which is notably tight for a stock trading in this range.

The company also recently announced increased revenues, to the tune of a 65% increase last year.

All of these aspects of SHMN give us cause to place this stock on watch as we kick off another trading week.

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