Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SIG Recap, AXON & More

Signet Jewelers Ltd. SIG – Options Idea

After noticing its solid beat on earnings and reassured guidance yesterday morning in the premarket, we selected a range of options ideas for the SIG chain. Post-earnings options calls have become our bread and butter, and SIG provided yet another example of the reason for that.

Our designated observation range was the SIG Weekly $47.50-50 Calls and all but the 49.50′s enjoyed considerable single-session gains for the day.

$47.50 Calls – Range: 3.70-6.30 – Max Gain: 70%
$48 Calls – Range: 3.21-7.12 – Max Gain: 122%
$48.50 Calls – Range: 3.10-6.00 – Max Gain: 94%
$49 Calls – Range: 2.72-6.17 – Max Gain: 127%
$50 Calls – Range: 1.97-5.21 – Max Gain: 164%

Fresh Options Idea:
Five Below, Inc. FIVE Weekly $90-95 Calls

Axovant Sciences, Inc. AXON

We also included a tag of AXON in yesterday morning’s report, and were met with a pretty good chance for a daily profit there as well. We noticed a slew of Form-4 buys come in on Tuesday, and lo and behold, yesterday the company released news of an $840M+ licensing deal for its Parkinson’s gene therapy.

From a morning low of 3.27, the stock reached a high of 4.64, representing a modest, but very respectable 42% move on the day. We’ll be sure to leave it on our radar in the event that a more sustained move is in the cards.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review

Tiffany & Co. TIF – Options Recap
We wanted to take an opportunity to backtrack to our options idea from Wednesday, the TIF Weekly $114-117 Calls. We caught the stock on the heels of its earnings report, and the subsequent activity allowed for a good chance for us at the top of that range.

Our ideas got pushed so deep in the money, that the big winner turned out to be the 117′s. Those contracts started out on Wednesday from a low of 1.53, and as of yesterday had reached an impressive high of 8.24. That works out to a two-day swing of 439%

Footlocker, Inc. FL 

We’ve had some good luck with the FL options chain in the past, and we’re going to place some contracts on watch today in the wake of the company’s big profit and sales beat this morning. Q1 earnings blew people away today, and as a result the stock is up considerably.

With no weekly expiration contracts available, we’re going to go out to the FL 06/15 $52.50-55 Calls, for potential quick strike trades.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Review & More

Lululemon Athletica Inc. LULU – Options Review

We wanted to start things off this morning by doing a review of our main topic of focus toward the end of last week, the LULU options chain. We had signaled the LULU Weekly $83-85 Calls on Wednesday, and saw some very nice moves ranging from 180-295% that first day. They finished off the short week nicely as well.

The following is the updated log of the overall two-day gain opportunities we observed after the stock once again went bullish during Thursday’s session. The range of potential gains was extended considerably.

$83 Calls – Range: 1.60-6.33  – Max Gain: 295%
$83.50 Calls – Range: 1.25-5.75 – Max Gain: 360%
$84 Calls – Range: 1.20-5.28– Max Gain: 340%
$84.50 Calls – Range: 1.00-4.69 – Max Gain: 369%
$85 Calls – Range: .82-4.33 – Max Gain: 428%

Facebook, Inc. FB 

With a strong finish to last week by the markets as a whole, a lot of the big name stocks saw a turnaround after several weeks of difficulty, and chief among those was Facebook. We like the potential for a more sustained recovery here, especially if the markets continue their bullish trend. We’re going to keep tabs on the FB Weekly $155-160 Calls.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR & GEIG Updates, Extended Watchlist

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR - Options

To start off a new trading week, we’re going to follow up on Friday’s mention of PBR Calls, which ended up with a fantastic performance by all accounts. If you recall, in Friday Morning’s Report, we indicated that we were “interested in the potential of the $16.50 and $17.00 Weekly Calls” for intraday flip opportunities.

As you can see on the Level 2 Snapshot below, the $16.50 Calls traded in a range from .25-.63, an intraday move 152% The $17 Calls did considerably better, screaming up from a low of .04 and running as high as .23; good for enormous gains of up to 475%

To begin the week, we’ll remain interested in the $16.50 and $17 Weekly Calls, provided PBR can hold support at Friday’s swing low of 16.66

GEI Global Energy Corp. GEIG

In our most recent GEIG alert (Wednesday), we stated that we needed to “keep a sharp eye out for a bottom… as it gets itself in gear for the next leg-up.”

The stock was searching for a base of support from which to launch its next upswing, and found it at .007 shortly prior to the close on Thursday. Friday’s session would prove most advantageous, as the stock sailed back upward to as high as .02, marking a 185% spike off of that bottom.

That was the second golden opportunity presented to us by GEIG in as many weeks; remember, we called it the week before last as well, and were rewarded with a single-session move of over 700% with traders easily being able to play the stock for gains in the 400% range. The high on that run was .08, so its quite possible to see GEIG make further strides from current levels.

Side Note:

We’re still monitoring FB Calls as we pointed out at the beginning of last week. We’ll be looking to capitalize on the volatility that comes with rising anticipation of earnings, due for release on Wednesday. It won’t be the first time we’ve used this tactic, and it isn’t likely to be the last.

In the midst of earnings season, we’re focused on using the trends to our advantage in making some potentially big options trades, not just with FB, but many others as well.

Extended Watchlist:

TGRO, OLIE, PROW, ARIA & Extended Watchlist

Tiger Oil & Energy, Inc.  TGRO

We’ve been following TGRO since Monday of last week, at which time the stock was trading as low .36. After running up to the low .60′s, we observed the stock pull back to .38. We were encouraged to find that it held support above our initial alert low, as higher lows following a pullback are often a good sign.

Sure enough, since then, the stock has been stair-stepping its way up to hit yesterday’s high of .75. That marks a 108% overall move from our initial alert price, and up to 97% from TGRO’s most recent low of .38.

Olie, Inc. OLIE

On Wednesday, OLIE was an excellently timed call for us. We had the opportunity to make up to 147% profit as the stock ran from .0082-.02 before pulling back significantly to close at .0097.

Following up in yesterday’s report, we stated: “…with the kind of volatility we’re seeing out of OLIE, we definitely want to pay attention heading into week’s end. Further opportunities could certainly present themselves.” Our call turned out to be spot-on once again.

The stock shot right out of the gate to make a rapid 55% move from .0097 to .015. Then, following a pullback to .0108, it ran again, this time to .016, a 48% spike.

That brought our two-day total cumulative gains on OLIE to an impressive 250%

Progress Watch Corp. PROW

PROW popped up on our abnormal activity scanner yesterday, and we had to make certain to pass it along today.

Chart conditions appear to be favorable: The RSI is ready to breach into the power zone, and the MACD recently experienced a bullish cross. The 50DMA is rising sharply toward the 200DMA that should lead to a golden cross in the week and months ahead. Presently, we’re looking to see PROW push through and hold support above its 200DMA at  .0072.

We also want to point out that PROW boasts an extremely tight share structure, with only 25.1 million in the float as of March of this year. A stock trading at this increment with such a low float needs only a relatively small amount of buying pressure to produce significant gains.

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARIA

We’ve been tracking ARIA ever since November 26th. Since that time, we’ve observed the stock trading as low as 3.80. ARIA has been picking up steam over the past few sessions, posting higher highs and higher lows for three consecutive days.

Yesterday it hit a high of 5.58, marking an increase of 47% over recent lows.

Extended Watchlist:
PLPE (Gapping Down on Large Premarket Volume), AMRN, ORMP, TSEM, CLWT, CYTR, BCRX,