Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ESPR Highlights & Much More

Yesterday, on a day when the market as a whole was faltering, we’re proud to say we managed to bring our readers several opportunities to gain in both stocks and options:

Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. ESPR- Options Ideas

ESPR turned out to be a great call for us in yesterday’s morning report. The stock itself made an impressive session-long move from a low of 82.69 up to 100.50 (+22%), resulting in some monstrous spikes for the options ideas we highlighted.

We raised a flag of interest on in-the-money Weekly Calls, and were rewarded with mega-spikes across the board:

$80 Calls – Trading Range: 4.00-20.00  Max Gain: 400%
$85 Calls – Trading Range: 2.15-14.50  Max Gain: 574%
$90 Calls – Trading Range: .70-14.50  Max Gain: 1400%
$95 Calls – Trading Range: .64-7.25  Max Gain: 1032%

Even the play we designated as a longer-term selection, the 04/17 $90 Calls, were immediately and significantly impacted, trading in a range from 3.50-14.50. That move was good for intraday gains of up to 314%

As far as our other options calls were concerned, we met with success there as well:

American Airlines Group Inc. AALFor AAL, we zeroed in on the 04/02 $55 Calls which ended up trading up from .79, to as high as 1.11, marking a 40% intraday gain. Any other contracts that got pushed into the money would have also provided excellent opportunities for successful day-trades.

Apple, Inc. AAPL – On AAPL, we mentioned that we’d be watching the 04/02 $129 Calls and those made a healthy run from 1.25-1.80, for a chance at profit in excess of 44% on the day.

Other Standouts From Tuesday

There was significant excitement over the success of our options calls yesterday, but we still don’t want these other notable gainers from our watchlist to get lost in the shuffle:

Propanc Health Group Corp. PPCH – Trading Range: .0211-.03 – Max Gain: 42%

Microvision, Inc. MVIS – Trading Range: 3.07-3.55 – Max Gain: 16%

NovaBay Pharma, Inc. NBY – Trading Range: .56-.65 – Max Gain: 16%

Black Diamond, Inc. BDE – Trading Range: 8.45-9.84 – Max Gain: 16%

Side Note:

We are going to be sitting on the sidelines watching like hawks until we hear from Janet Yellen as the big FOMC meeting kicks off today. What she ultimately has to say will likely sway the markets one way or the other; we will wait to see which direction they’re going to go.

If the bull market remains intact, we’ll be looking to go long on SPY Calls.  Should the direction be a downward one, we can entertain UVXY and/or VIX Calls. Remember: Whatever way it plays out, we’ll want to stay in-the-money with our strike prices.

Extended Watchlist:

GRNH, Options Trading Ideas & Extended Watchlist

Aeropostale, Inc. ARO

The 10/19 $9 Calls that we mentioned yesterday morning opened up significantly as we expected they would. After the subsequent consolidation which brought the price back to 1.05, we saw a spike to as much as 1.55 as you can see on the chart below. That was good for a possible intraday gain of 48%

With roughly a month left until the expiration of these contracts, there’s plenty of time for the stock to regain some of its recently lost ground and potentially fill the gap on the chart up to the $11-range. With the kind of drastic stride it made yesterday (jumping from the $8-range to the $10-range) we’ll also need to be wary of possible pullbacks filling that gap to the downside.

Facebook Inc. FB

As FB has recently been approaching its 52-week highs, we’re interested in weekly Calls, especially if the stock can break the $46 barrier. In that event, we’d be looking at in-the-money Calls like the 09/21 $45.50’s. On the flipside, if the stock fails to push past $46 we would be looking to flip the $46 Puts as a pullback would push them in-the-money.

GreenGro Technologies GRNH

This is another marijuana related stock that we’ve tracked for quite some time. GRNH has made some nice moves over the past several weeks, and is currently in consolidation mode as it has been coming off of its most recent spike. We are keeping a close eye on this one for a potential bottom play. If it can maintain support above the 50DMA of .042 we like its chances of seeing a nice rebound in the future.

Extended Watchlist:

RMTI, PHOT & Extended Watchlist

Rockwell Medical, Inc. RMTI

We mentioned RMTI in Friday’s extended watchlist, and it turned out to be a good decision on our part. After opening at a low of 8.75, the price surged ahead to touch 10.20, marking an opportunity at intraday gains of up to 17%

We’re going to leave RMTI on our radars as we kick off a fresh week of trading, as the stock appears to be gapping up this morning, (presently above Friday’s high, trading at 10.50 premarket). The stock also traded high volume on Friday, so we want to monitor the situation for any further gains the current flux of momentum might provide.

Growlife, Inc. PHOT

PHOT had a good day on Friday as well, breaking a recent double-top, posting gains on increased volume. The stock hit a high .0477, which from the low following our most recent mention of this play (.0318), represents a 50% move.

We’ve got this and other marijuana-related stocks on continuous watch since the USDOJ announcement that the federal government would not be interfering with individual states that have voted to legalize the plant for both medical and personal use.

Extended Watchlist: