Options Rehash & Fresh Ideas, News Update

Options Recaps:

We’ve got a lot to talk about today, but the first thing we want to do is to circle back to where we left off with the options ideas we included in Tuesday morning’s premarket report. We had signaled a pair of ideas in the ONON and CSIQ chains that performed really well, and continued to track some longer-term calls in MDT which posted some new highs for us.

Those targets were the ONON 04/21 $25-27.50 Calls, the CSIQ Weekly $38-39 Calls, and the MDT 04/21 $80-82.50 Calls, and here is the rundown of the excellent activity we observed over the past two sessions, including a thousand percent gainer!

ONON 04/21 $25-27.50 Calls
 .56-4.70 (+739%)
$27.50: .25-2.85 (+1040%)

CSIQ Weekly $38-39 Calls

$38: .66-3.90 (+490%)
$39: .40-3.00 (+650%)

MDT 04/21 $80-82.50 Calls
 1.23-3.00 (+144%)
$82.50: .53-1.63 (+208%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CHWY Weekly $37.50-36.50 Puts
ACN Weekly $262.50-265 Calls
GIS 04/21 $82.50 Calls

Principal Solar, Inc.(OTCMKTS:PSWW) – News Update:

We also want to revisit PSWW, which was the focus of our special report yesterday morning. (>>Read Yesterday’s Report) Today, the company has put out a new shareholder letter from Chairman and CEO Bryce Toussaint outlining its interests in the Class 6 and Class 8 heavy electric vehicle market, as well as the traditional energy sector.

This is included a renewed commitment by the company to push forward with its primary objectives, as well as moving on from investments and connections that don’t fit its updated vision for the future. We would suggest anyone who caught our report yesterday also take a minute to check out today’s update. (>>Read PR via Accesswire)

You can also learn more about PSWW and its current projects at www.pswwenergy.com

Monday Recaps, Special Alert

Options Recaps: 

We got things off to a solid start for the week yesterday morning, with some solid gainers coming off of our tracked plays for the day, which we highlighted in our premarket report. The potential profits were very respectable from two out of our three possible targets, and we also witnessed some new highs in a longer-term play that we signaled in our report from last Wednesday.

Our daily runners were the PDD Weekly $82-79 Puts and the SPY 03/20 $389-391 Calls, and the plays that originated last week were the MDT 04/21 $80-82.50 Calls. The following is the breakdown of yesterday’s intraday runs, and the total increase in the MDT targets since our initial alert on the 15th:

PDD Weekly $82-79 Puts
 3.10-5.10 (+65%)
$81: 3.00-4.20 (+40%)
$80: 2.20-3.85 (+75%)
$79: 1.90-3.35 (+76%)

SPY 03/20 $389-391 Calls
$389: 2.56-5.24 (+125%)
$390: 1.97-4.40 (+103%)
$391: 1.47-3.55 (+141%)

MDT 04/21 $80-82.50 Calls
 1.23-2.03 (+65%)
$82.50: .53-1.18 (+123%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ONON 04/21 $25-27.50 Calls
CSIQ Weekly $38-39 Calls

Special Alert – Upcoming Opportunity:

We have a fresh penny stock idea coming your way for tomorrow morning’s report. The stock has just recently come off of its 52-week lows, and is exhibiting strong signs of an impending uptrend! This energy sector play is trading just shy of a penny, and we know our readers have an appetite for value-added upside. We’re very excited about the possibilities for this, one don’t miss tomorrow’s report hitting your inboxes around around 9AM! 

Extended Watchlist:

Tuesday’s Options Sweep, Fresh Ideas

Yesterdays’ Runners: 

Our decision to flip mostly to the bullish side of things for yesterday’s fresh options trading ideas proved to be correct, as the markets enjoyed a strong session, and helped facilitate some nice activity in our targeted prospects. That having been said, the one bearish play we formulated also recorded some decent intraday movement as well, leaving us with a clean sweep of all four of our ideas.

Our focus was on the SPY 03/14 $386-388 Calls, the GTLB Weekly $40-30 Puts, the AMLX Weekly $35 Calls, and the COIN Weekly $63-65 Calls, and here are the highlights of their daily moves for Tuesday, which included some really nice chances for quick profits- especially in the SPY:

SPY 03/14 $386-388 Calls
 1.51-5.97 (+295%)
$387: .84-5.14 (+511%)
$388: .40-4.12 (+930%)

GTLB Weekly $40-30 Puts
 6.70-9.09 (+36%)
$35: 2.75-4.29 (+56%)
$30: .50-1.15 (+130%)

AMLX Weekly $35 Calls
$35: 1.95-3.90 (+100%)

COIN Weekly $63-65 Calls
$63: 2.90-4.31 (+49%)
$64: 2.40-3.77 (+57%)
$65: 2.02-3.30 (+63%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 03/15 $387-385 Puts
SMAR Weekly $40 Calls
S Weekly $14-15 Calls
CCI 04/21 $135-140 Calls
MDT 04/21 $80-82.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: