Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PLUG, BIOF, PEIX & More

Yesterday we saw money leaving the Solar Sector from profit taking, and it seems we’ve found new stocks that are heating up quickly, in the Energy Sector.

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG
PLUG first appeared in our reports back on February 15th. After being featured again in March 15th’s report, trading as low as .1161 at the time, and making its way up to .3177 by the 20th. That marked a gain of 174% Following that run, it pulled back to find support in the .15-range a few weeks ago.

Yesterday, the stock broke both the 100DMA (.28), its previous high at .3177, touched .3278, and closed just above the previous high at .318. We’d ideally like to see support hold at .318. Should it fall below that, we’ll need PLUG to hold support at .26-.285 in order for us to remain interested.

We’ve pointed out several key aspects of the chart below:

Continuing our theme of energy plays, here is a group that will be high on our watchlist today:

BIOF and PEIX are some old-time favorites of ours in the ethanol sector. These two stocks generally tend to trend together, and have given us the opportunity for several gains over the long timespan we’ve covered them.

SCOK is a coal company that has recently gained some momentum, we want to keep an eye on that one today as well.

FXEN is a NASDAQ-listed energy play that also set off our scanners yesterday, as it enjoyed quite a fruitful trading session. Like the others, we want to keep an eye peeled for continuation of existing momentum.

We’d also like to congratulate ourselves for our stellar call of TCPS, which made a beauty of a run from .0025-.0061 (+144%), it then dipped back to .0045 and ran another 36% back to .0061, for cumulative intraday gains of 180%

It also made us the winners of yesterday’s Penny Stock Rumble:

Extended Watchlist: