Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Bottom-Bounce Watchlist & More

Bottom-Bounce Watchlist

We’ve got a trio of potential bottom-plays hitting our scanner this morning, and as our regular readers are surely aware, we’re quite fond of bargain-basement prices. Our history is chock-full of solid recovery based gains.

Eldorado Gold Corp. EGO – This gold play showed up on our radar this morning after Friday saw the stock record a hint of a rise off of its lowest PPS since early April. As you can see on the included snapshot below, the chart is boasting an RSI that appears ready to come off of being oversold, with clear convergence on the MACD hinting at an impending bullish cross. We’ll place this one on watch for upcoming sessions as we kick off this short trading week.


ITT Educational Services, Inc. ESI
– This stock showed signs of life on Friday, coming up off of the new 52-week low it registered on Thursday. In addition to being egregiously oversold at this point, there is a monstrous gap on the chart from the low-.70’s on up to the 1.40 range. We’ll be looking for an eventual fill which would of course spell gains approaching 100%


Dynavax Technologies Corp. DVAX – In a moderate morning gap-up, DVAX has already begun to regain some of the ground it lost on Friday following the FDA’s decision to delay its decision on the company’s hepatitis vaccine. No surprise, as the 30% selloff seemed a bit of an overreaction.

We’ll look for the rebound in progress to continue, and will remain interested provided it maintains support above this morning’s premarket low of 12.27. Bonus Options Idea: If the recovery unfolds as we suspect it might, we’ll be anxious to tracj the activity in the DVAX 09/16 $12 and $13 Calls.

Auscrete Corp. ASCK

We also want to provide a brief update on ASCK, a subpenny play which we placed on watch in Wednesday’s premarket report. After coming down to find support at .0023 the stock ultimately reached a new high of .0065 on Friday.

It marked an intraweek swing of 183% and qualified for a continued spot on our working watchlist.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Earnings Calls, Bottom-Plays & More

Momo, Inc. MOMO

We began tracking MOMO on Friday after noticing the stock coming off of a bottom, and we’ve seen an appreciable move to the upside in the ensuing sessions.

The stock is gapping up this morning on a strong earnings report (>>View Highlights), reaching a high of 12.73 in the premarket. We caught MOMO at a low of 11.52 on Friday and have thus far seen an 11% increase, so we’ll want to leave it on the radar and watch for higher lows and higher highs.

NQ Mobile, Inc. NQ

Speaking of earnings plays, we’re going to be tracking NQ closely over the next couple of sessions. The stock has been trending off of a bottom for the past three sessions and this morning, we’re seeing the stock gap up considerably.

Things are likely to get interesting as the company is slated to release earnings post-market today, and a big PR hit wires just an hour ago.

Today’s News: NQ Mobile Inc. Enters into a Definitive Agreement for the FL Mobile Divestment (>>View PR)

Hercules Offshore, Inc. HERO

We’re also going to be monitoring HERO, which, like the aforementioned stock, has been establishing a solid move up off of recently-registered two-month lows.

As you can see on the included snapshot of the chart, HERO went on a massive run from the .70-range to more than 4.00 from February to April. Indicators are ripening for what could be the next big leg up after the recent consolidation, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye peeled for the possibility of a continued upsurge.

The Children’s Place, Inc. PLCE

PLCE is yet another bottom-bouncer with earnings that is gapping up in early trading. We’re going to signal a range of options contracts for observation to possibly take advantage of the momentum. Our target range is going to be the PLCE Weekly $70-75 Calls.

Chatroom Call:

Our daily live traders chats are a great way to get involved with what we do. Regular participant DJ spotted another big runner and shared with the room shortly after the opening bell. We saw it at .03 before it went on a monumental run to hit a high of .465 on news with TOMS Shoes. Gains of over 1500% were possible. Feel free to join our traders chats by sending a Skype request to user ‘stocksumo’.

Extended Watchlist:

Bllue Horseshoe Stocks: JCP, RNBI & More

JC Penney Co., Inc. JCP

To kick off the week, we placed JCP on watch via Monday’s Extended Watchlist, so let’s finish things off by taking a look at what happened this week. We saw a consolidation down to 8.18 before the earnings release hit the wires yesterday, after which time the stock began to soar.

Already in pre-market trading today the stock has bounced back to hit a high of 10.15, so we’ll be anxious to see what can happen if the stock can break past this mark which also coincides with a recent swing high in November/December.

The 8-K filed contained both increased quarterly figures as well as guidance for 2014, and things seem to be headed in a positive direction overall, so we’ll continue to monitor JCP over the foreseeable future.

Rainbow International Corp. RNBI

Noticing a sizable increase in volume in RNBI during a routine scan on Wednesday prompted us to put it on yesterday morning’s watchlist, and it turned out to be a beneficial decision. We would see the stock spike from a low of .18 running to .24, giving traders a chance to bank up to 33% intraday.

A stock that was trading by appointment only prior to its big rise in volume this week, gaining this much ground on the chart demands the highest level of caution for those who’ve yet to exit their position.

Added Side Note:

We just want to take a minute to address a cautionary statement by influential hedge fund manager David Tepper yesterday, regarding his overall sentiments toward current market conditions. His warning to traders to avoid going too long at the moment, sent ripples through the investment community, and the overall markets saw a pullback (leading to a spike in the VIX/VXX).

Occurrences such as this can be used to profit no matter which way things go; depending on how the public reaction is going to play out, we will be looking to adjust our strategy by trading options on either the SPY, in the event that things turn back to the bullish side rather quickly, or the VIX, should we see a sustained downturn.

Extended Watchlist: