Kicking Off Another 4-Day Trading Week

Options Review: 

We’re back in the saddle after the long weekend, and our first order of business is to go over some stocks and options plays that performed well to close out last week’s activities.

The two main runners that put on the best gains were the GO Weekly $40 Calls, from Friday’s report, and the KR Weekly $51-49.50 Puts. from Thursday, which tacked on some serious new highs. Here are the impressive figures on those two sets of targets:

GO Weekly $40 Calls
 .15-.56 (+273%)

KR Weekly $51-49.50 Puts
$51: 1.75-5.13 (+193%)
$50: 1.00-4.25 (+325%)
$49.50: .97-3.52 (+263%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 06/21 $369-371 Calls
LEN Weekly $64-66 Calls

ProText Mobility, Inc. TXTM – Update:

We have been monitoring TXTM closely and mentioning it quite a bit lately as the stock has continued to build on its success ever since our first alert May 24th.  Subsequent to that point, we witnessed a low of .0016, and it hasn’t looked back since, continually setting new highs for us.

Once again on Friday TXTM pushed the envelope to another level as it registered a new high of .0198, which represents a huge overall increase of 1138% since we’ve been tracking the stock.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. SIRC – Update:

We’ve also observed a modest yet notable run in SIRC since flagging it for observation last week on the morning of the 14th. The stock has traded up from a .135 low and hit .20, for a spike of 48%

Extended Watchlist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AMDA Recap & More

Amedica Corp. AMDA

We want to begin this morning by highlighting the performance of AMDA last week. We put this one on our radar on Tuesday, and would witness a heck of a run which culminated in an extremely strong session on Friday.

On Tuesday following our alert, we observed a low of .3851, and after registering higher highs and higher lows throughout the middle of the week, AMDA hit a new high of .6199,  which accounts for an intraweek swing of 61%

For a stock trading in that price range, we’d call that a top-notch four-session performance!

Fresh Ideas

We’ll also add a couple of newcomers to our radar this morning. We’ve got an energy play and a mining play that are both are coming off of rough outings on Friday:

Uranium Energy Corp. UEC fell below $2 for the first time since April during Friday’s session, so we’ll want to be open to possibility of a possible bottom-bounce here. Today the company revealed that it will be added to the Russell 3000® Index and the Russell Global® Index, effective this Friday. >> Read PR

Great Panther Silver Ltd. GPL also took quite a beating to wrap up the week, falling to the low .30’s. In premarket trading today the stock is back above .40, so we’ll be on the lookout for a continued rebound here as well.

Extended Watchlist:

CLNO, STWG, & Extended Watchlist

Cleantech Transit, Inc. CLNO

At the time of our most recent alert (Jun.14th) we were marveling at the stock’s run from our first ever alert at .0055, to the high at the time, of .09. At that point we had already acheived gains of more than 1500% off of CLNO. But the stock wasn’t done yet. On Friday it reached a high of .148, adding a chance for another 64%

From the original alert price at .0055 (Called in March), Friday’s high represents an astonishing move of 2590% in just over three months.

We prepared a video presentation of the current CLNO chart:

S2C Global Systems, Inc. STWG

STWG has been consolidating recently after hitting a two-cent, 52-week high on June 10th. Over the past five sessions, the stock has been maintaining support at .008, just above a previous resistance level at .0076.

The last time we mentioned STWG, we stated that the company was working toward going current on, and that we expected to see that happen soon. STWG has in fact managed to bring itself up to speed just as we anticipated.

We prepared a video chart for this one as well:

Side Note: 

The volatility in the market since the Fed made its statement in reference to rising interest rate, and the tapering of quantitative easing has been substantial. Whenever we see conditions like these, it makes for some very nice options-trading opportunities.

In Friday’s morning report, we stated that we wanted to keep an eye on SPY Puts, and VIX/VXX Calls. As the Level 2 images below indicate, the $159 SPY Puts went from a low of .31 up to a high of 1.65. As for the $22 VXX Call, it traded from .16 to .81. Both of these chances for gains came before noon.

Extended Watchlist:
GPL, LSG, BRD (All coming off of recent lows)