Blue Horseshoe Stocks: WATT Recap & More

Energous Corp. WATT

On our premarket watchlists for both Wednesday and yesterday morning, has been WATT, which received some exciting news this week.

The company revealed that the FCC has granted consumer safety certification for its wireless charging technology, marking the first FCC approval for remote wireless charging, and opening the door to commercialization.

Its applications are plentiful, and the potential is high, and it’s showing on the chart. On Wednesday morning following our alert, the stock was trading for as little as 15.30, and at its high of day yesterday, the stock had reached 33.50. That represented a two-session swing of 119% as it set new all-time highs for volume two days in a row.

We will be very interested to continue tracking the story behind this huge turn of events for WATT.

Helios and Matheson Analytics, Inc. HMNY

We also would like to recap HMNY’s performance yesterday. We tagged this one as a bottom play and ended up timing the bounce with absolute precision.

The stock had been in an overall downtrend since the end of November, and yesterday, began what could be just the start of a more sustained recovery.

HMNY traded up from a low of 5.45 and went on to reach a high of 6.98, for a modest but respectable increase of 28% on the day. It happened on roughly three times the monthly average volume, and closed near the high of day, so we’ll definitely be on the lookout for momentum carryover.

INSYS Therapeutics, Inc. INSY

Just a quick reminder about the options idea we had for INSY recently. We already reported the solid gains we’ve witnessed in the INSY 01/19 $8 and $9 Calls on Wednesday morning, but given the current conditions on the chart, we’ll want to keep an eye peeled for further bullish activity in those contracts.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Winning Options & More

Peer to Peer Network PTOP
Yesterday morning, we were just recapping the unreal performance of PTOP subsequent to our initial mention of the stock on November 8th after which time we would observe the stock trading for as little as .0004. It went on to break the 5000% gain mark, but we said we’d stick with it, and once again the stock delivered a solid performance and new highs during yesterday’s session.

PTOP traded in a range from .0152 to .0285, which works out to an intraday move of 88% and a ridiculously big run of 7025% in a span of roughly six weeks!

Options Review

We submitted a couple of fresh options ideas yesterday morning, having seen solid earnings from each of the following companies, and of the six total contracts we highlighted, every last one provided traders with the chance for significant single session profits.

FedEx Corp. FDX - Weekly $245-250 Calls.
$14.50 Calls – Range: 2.92-6.50 – Max Gain: 123%
$15 Calls – Range: 1.33-4.11 – Max Gain: 209%
$15.50 Calls – Range: .59-2.26 – Max Gain: 283%

In the case of FDX, it appears that we could see an extension of these gains before the week is out.

Blackberry Ltd. BB - Weekly $10.50-11.50 Calls
$14.50 Calls – Range: 1.11-1.85 – Max Gain: 67%
$15 Calls – Range: .61-1.40 – Max Gain: 130%
$15.50 Calls – Range: .30-.90 – Max Gain: 200%

Net Element, Inc. NETE

We tagged NETE for observation yesterday, and it too had a solid session. From a low  of 15.18 \the stock traded as high as  24.98, for an intraday move of 65% which came on volume of more than forty-eight times the monthly average.

For a stock in the fifteen dollar range, that is an incredible one day performance, and will leave us interested to track its movements further, going forward. Already in the premarket the stock has pushed as high as 33.44, extending our observed range to 120%

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ESI, PZOO Recaps & More

ITT Educational Services, Inc. ESI

Yesterday ESI served as an excellent reminder of why it’s important to check our blog on a regular basis, even if you’re already a subscriber to our daily newsletter. With the attention of our primary report otherwise focused, we published an early morning recap of Friday’s top plays, one of which was ESI.

We were congratulating ourselves for catching the 68% intraday move (6.97-11.75) the stock had achieved on Friday, and to follow up that performance, ESI registered a second straight session loaded with potential.

The came out of the gate firing on all cylinders, seeing a low of 9.05, and steadily bulling its way up to a high of 13.98, an intraday gain of 54%. It brought the two-day cumulative total gains to 122% and an overall increase of an even 100% over Friday’s low.

Cheer to all who were able to take advantage of this impressive two-session performance. With the kind of trading action we’re seeing out of ESI, we’ll definitely continue to reserve a spot for it on our watchlist.

Image Sensing Systems, Inc. ISNS

ISNS is a play we tagged for the first time back on August 27th. We were pleased with the moves the stock made for us subsequent to that alert, as we witnessed a monstrous run from 3.59-9.94.

Over roughly the last month, the stock has since gone under consolidation, and made its way back down to the 2.20-range, from which point the stock began to see some signs of recovery yesterday. For that reason, we want to reassign ISNS a spot on our speculative watchlist.

We’ll be interested to tune in next Wednesday for the company’s scheduled earnings conference call:

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

PZOO registered higher lows on Monday, and continued to show promising signs with regard to indicators on the chart.

We observed large buyers sitting on the bid trying to soak up cheap shares of PZOO, as evidenced in the following Level 2 Snapshot taken yesterday. The offers were relatively thin in comparison to the strong bid support.

Primary levels of resistance are still the 50 & 200DMA’s; you can take a look at the following video where we point out some of the key aspects of the PZOO chart.

PZOO is dually involved with the development of its health and wellness online portal at PAZOO.COM as well as its majority stake in a medical marijuana testing firm in Nevada. For those who might have our special report on the stock yesterday, you can find a copy here: PZOO REPORT

Extended Watchlist:

TGRO, PROW & Extended Watchlist

Before we break for tomorrow’s market closure, we’d like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest season’s greetings to our treasured audience, you! Happy holidays to all of our friends around the world! Whatever your personal beliefs may be, however you choose to celebrate tomorrow’s off-day, we hope you have a safe and wonderful time. We’ll see you all bright and early on Thursday morning!

Tiger Oil & Energy, Inc. TGRO

TGRO continued to blossom yesterday, attaining a new high, as it traded from a low of .96 into a strong close at the high-of-day of 1.25, and doing so on over 3X its 3mo. average volume. That was good for a solid 30% intraday rip, and at the 1.25-level a gain of 247% from our original alert at .36 (Dec. 9th) was possible. Congrats to anyone who’s been able to clean up here, as there has been ample opportunity for all.

The stock continues to achieve higher highs and higher lows, always a favorable sign concerning its chances to continue trending up moving forward. We’ll be interested to monitor its activity both before and after the holiday hiatus.

Yesterday, once again, TGRO made us the champions of the Penny Stock Rumble, sweeping both categories: Percentage gain, and dollar volume!

Progress Watch Corp. PROW

Like TGRO, PROW also managed to achieve higher highs and higher lows on Monday, affording it our close attention. After delivering us a 51% possible gain on Friday, it continued its run, opening at .009 and peaking at a high of .013.

That gave us another opportunity to profit, this time to the tune of 44% on thrice the average volume. That brings our two-day cumulative gain total on PROW up to a very respectable 95%

Extended Watchlist: