Blue Horseshoe Stocks: HMNY, SANP Review & More

Helios and Matheson Analytics, Inc. HMNY

We began tracking HMNY closely on September 20th, and since that time it’s been nothing but blue sky breakout for the stock ever since. On that morning we observed a low of 5.47, and it’s never looked back.

To kick off the week yesterday HMNY soared to an astonishing new high of 23.49, marking a 329% increase in a span of less than three weeks. Volume has also been coming in far above anything the stock saw prior to September.

Santo Mining Corp. SANP

We decided to tag SANP in yesterday morning’s premarket report after noticing the manifestation of some unusual trading activity over the course of last week. It ended up being a solid idea to start of this week, with the stock making a very convincing move to the upside.

From a low of .0013, SANP reached as high as .0021, marking an intraday push of 62%, with the better part of a billion shares changing hands on the day. It was the third consecutive session in which the stock registered higher lows and higher highs, and we’ll be in the lookout for a continuation of that pattern.

Cleantech Solutions International, Inc. CLNT

Another inclusion in yesterday’s report was CLNT, which ran pretty hard early on in the session with the help of a PR alluding to a possible acquisition (>>View PR).

The stock made a move from a low of 5.70 to a high of 8.25- a respectable 45% pop. CLNT ultimately ended up trading an incredible 330X its monthly average volume. While it didn’t maintain at least half of its daily gains into the close, with volume like that, we’ll be sure to keep a slot on our watchlists open for CLNT.

MannKind Corp. MNKD

We saw a pullback in MNKD Friday after a solid move, and we signaled some options calls, MNKD 10/20 $5.50 & $6.00, that pullback gave a great potential entry point. This morning in the premarket, MNKD is gapping up past the $6 mark, pushing the strike prices we targeted into the money.

Its always a good idea to lock in some profits on a gap up, in case a stock decides to pull back. In the event we see do a pullback in this case, we may look to take advantage of the dip by re-entering the position.

MNKD has one of our favorite chart patterns- when the 50DMA breaks above the 200DMA, known as a “Golden Cross”. Stocks tend to breakout when this occurs so we definitely want to continue to track this idea going forward.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options, Updates & More

Options Ideas

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. BABA- After raising revenue guidance by nearly 50%, there has been a mad scramble for shares of BABA in the premarket this morning with the stock shooting up over $15. Whenever we see a feeding frenzy like this, we like to set up camp with some options ideas in an attempt to take advantage of the bullish commotion.

In this case, we’re going to signal the BABA Weekly $140-145 Calls which should do pretty well if the current trajectory is any indicator. Whenever a stock has gapped up this hard, we must be on the lookout for an early pullback into a dip-and-rip pattern, which can happen in these sorts of situations.

Yahoo! YHOO – Also gapping up in the premarket considerably is YHOO, and we’re going to keep an eye on a range of contracts here as well. We’ll have the YHOO Weekly $53-56 Calls on watch today.

Bottom-Watchlist Updates

Dragonwave, Inc. DRWI -  We had DRWI on yesterday’s bottom-bouncer watchlist and it’s looking like a really solid play so far. DRWI traded in an intraday range from .94 to 1.24 for a solid 32% move on 9X the 30-day average volume. Not too bad for our first day of observation. We’ll continue to watch DRWI for a continuation of this rebound pattern.

Ability, Inc. ABIL- We caught ABIL gapping up slightly off of its own bottom yesterday and it made a very nice move for us. The stock traded in a range from .6298-.91, for a solid 44% pop on 20X the monthly average volume.

Side Note – Caravana Co. CVNA
- We’ll also want to keep a continued eye on CVNA, which we tagged in yesterday’s extended watchlist. It traded up from 10.50-12.83 on the day, and hit 13.03 in the premarket this morning. That’s an increase of 24% and it came on more than four times the three-month average volume.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: TXHD, AUPH Recaps & More

Textmunication Holdings, Inc. TXHD

We included TXHD in yesterday’s extended watchlist after picking it up on a routine premarket volume scan, and we ended up being extremely happy we did so, with the stock making the top gains out of anything else we mentioned for the day.

Right from the opening bell, it blasted off from a low of .0042 and rocketed to a high of .0094, giving nimble traders the chance at intraday gains of up to 124%

TXHD closed at .0075 having traded massive volume, maintaining a good portion of the ground it gained during the day, so we’ll be eager to continue tracking its movements.

InterCloud Systems, Inc. ICLD

We remained hot on the trail of ICLD after issuing reminders in our reports  on Thursday and Fridays that it had begun to rebound off of its 52-week lows.

Thursday we had witnessed a low of .0157, and in yesterday’s newsletter we commented on the rapidly rising RSI and strong close, and sure enough, the stock continued its solid run-up on the chart.

ICLD traded in a range from .0221 to .0324, a 47% intraday boost, and an overall increase of 106% over our observed low from three sessions prior.

Aurinia Pharmceuticals, Inc. AUPH

The last time we put a tag on AUPH was at the end of January, and at the time, the stock was trading around $3, briefly touching a low of 2.95.

What occurred during the month of February was a slow and steady increase peaking at just under $4, but as we’ve come into March, the PPS has been ramping up much more intensely.

Yesterday, AUPH broke out to a new high of 7.32, which marks an overall upswing of 148% in the span of roughly five weeks.


Both Function(x) Inc. FNCX and Ocera Therapeutics, Inc. OCRX are going to be on our radars as potential rebound plays. FNCX has a excellent looking , ripening chart, and OCRX is gapping up off its own bottom this morning.

Each of these NASDAQ-listed stocks are required to work toward getting their share prices back above the 1.00 minimum standard, or face de-listing.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoes Stocks: CAMT, GWPH & More

Camtek, Ltd. CAMT
Hidden gems are quite often found in our daily Extended Watchlists, and yesterday CAMT was the standout play. The stock had a monstrously strong trading day, bulling its way continuously upward for the duration.

The landmark session started at a morning low of 3.42, and culminated at a high of 5.14 just minutes prior to the close. That solid move was enough to afford traders up to 50% in intraday gains, and it occurred on volume which was 40-times greater than the 3-month average.

The commotion was caused following an announcement that CAMT has launched its next-gen semiconductor product line, and apparently has already received advance orders from some unnamed “leading device manufacturers”. >>>Read the full PR here.

GW Pharmaceuticals, Inc. GWPH

The last time GWPH appeared in our reports was back on June 23rd. We were hailing it as being among our most successful plays of the year, as our prior tracking of the options chain had led to chances at gains amounting to more than 3000%

We pointed to a revitalization of the cannabis sector as one of our other primary reasons for being interested in GWPH, and the action of the stock in the couple of weeks since then proved that our assessment was warranted. Following a low of $88.73, we witnessed a subsequent 26% run to 111.46.

Over the past three sessions, GWPH has tapered back to fill a gap on the chart (as we point out below) so we are once again placing the stock on watch, to find support here, and potentially bounce back up over the $100-mark.

Once we see a solid level of support established and GWPH begins to rebound, then we’ll be able to adjust our options-trading strategies accordingly.

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Blue Horseshoe: Pot Stocks Update & More

Pot Stocks Update
Even as we’ve had other things occupying our main focus, we’ve stated continuously that traders should keep the cannabis sector on close watch. Following the complete hysteria over the industry which reached its peak shortly after we rung in the new year, we’ve seen just what we expected; consolidations leading to bounces that in many cases have been good for gains approaching those achieved by the New Year’s rush. So let’s take a look at some of the more notable performers from our long-standing watchlist. These represent just a few of the opportunities that marijuana related stocks have continued to bring us. We are not done with this sector by any means, and feel strongly that it will yield more and more gains as time goes on.


We’ve had EDXC on our radar for a very long time, and it is one that didn’t lose much ground at all after pulling back off of its initial surge. Beginning at less than seven cents, 2014 has seen the stock continue to bull its way upward, touching .235 yesterday. It’s certainly a far cry from when we first came upon the stock last year, back when it was trading at roughly .015.

Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS

CBIS has made quite an impressive bounce after consolidating off of its big run, finding support at .075; from there, it launched itself back upward for a sizable move to yesterday’s high of .1255. That marks a three-session move of 67%

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. FITX

The last time we looked in on FITX was on January 14th, at which time the stock was searching for support, and found it at .0174 the following day. It didn’t take long for the stock to produce yet another huge run, touching .045 during yesterday’s session. It broke above an area of previous resistance at .031, so on the next downswing, we’ll be looking for FITX to hold that level as support.

We’ve already pointed out how powerful a signal the Golden Cross can be, and FITX is yet another prime example of this. That’s why we’ve been keeping such a keen eye on our next play, because it too has a Golden Cross in the making.

Resource Ventures, Inc. REVI

REVI held its ground very well yesterday, after our bounce-call on Tuesday took it from .0074-.0105. It registered a higher low at .0085, and managed to close out the day in the green at .009. We’d like to see REVI continue to hold support in the .0075-.0085 as it works toward its Golden Cross, which if the current trend holds, could potentially occur within the next week or two.

ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARIA & Hemishperix BioPharma, Inc. HEB

We’ve been tracking both of these pharma plays for awhile, which are worthy of mentioning this morning:


We mentioned ARIA back in October when it was trading around its 52-week low at 2.15. In Mid-December, it began a run which yesterday resulted in a high of 6.75. This morning the stock is gapping up into the 7.30-range.

ARIA has been the subject of potential buyout rumors originating in the UK, with names like GlaxxoSmithKline being tossed around. While this remains speculation at this time, the ramifications of a buyout would be huge, so this is a story we’ll continue to follow.


In the case of HEB, we’ve tracked this play since December, where it found a bottom in the low .20′s, and has performed exceptionally well into the new year. Yesterday the stock hit a high of .4978.

Extended Watchlist: