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Ocular Therapeutics, Inc. OCUL  – We’ve been observing OCUL for a couple months now, beginning with our report from Dec. 30th. The stock did rise considerably in a predictable pattern over the first two months of 2020, and thanks largely in part to the effect the coronavirus is having on many pharma plays, the stock really kicked the increases into high gear this week.

Subsequent to our report just prior to the New Year, OCUL was trading for a little as 3.83 a share, and its new high yesterday came in at 7.48, marking a solid rise of 95%

Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. INO  – We signaled INO on Thursday morning, and provided an update again in yesterday’s report. From its low of 3.83, we have now witnessed an upswing of 145% as of the stock’s new high of 9.40 achieved yesterday.

The markets have begun to swing back and forth with just the kind of volatility that we relish, but it is highly unlikely that we are seeing the last of the coronavirus’ effect on stocks in general. With the outbreak not yet contained, it stands to reason that this volatility will persist for the foreseeable future.

Campbell Soup Co. CPB – Options Update 

We offered up an options idea for the Campbell’s chain yesterday, the CPB Weekly $49-50.50 Calls. While the 49.50’s didn’t trade substantial volume, the other three contract sets in the range saw some nice moves.

CPB Weekly $49-50.50 Calls

$49: 2.03-3.10 (+53%)
$50: 1.25-2.58 (+106%)
$50.50: .98-2.10 (+114%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
VIPS Weekly $13.50-14.50 Calls
MRVL Weekly $23.50-25 Calls
SPLK Weekly $152.50-149 Puts 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: HK Update, Options Recap & More

First thing’s first- remember that the closing bell rings at 1PM today, whereupon we’ll break for a three-and-a-half day weekend. Allow us to preemptively extend to everyone glad tidings of rest and relaxation, and an enjoyable holiday break no matter how you choose to spend today and tomorrow’s market downtime!

But, before we can hang things up for the holidays we need to go over some of the great winning plays we’ve tracked on this short week; a feat which isn’t always easy to accomplish. 

Celgene Corp. CELG

CELG was gapping up yesterday on untraded-upon news, and the activity led us to formulate an idea for a range of options calls that we felt would see heavy activity.

Our specified targets were CELG Weekly $116-120 Calls and we were exceedingly pleased with the ensuing swing action:

$116 Calls – Trading Range: 3.46-6.60  – Max Gain: 91%
$117 Calls – Trading Range: 2.19-5.44  – Max Gain: 148%
$118 Calls – Trading Range: 1.55-4.70  – Max Gain: 203%
$119 Calls – Trading Range: 1.30-3.55 – Max Gain: 173%
$120 Calls – Trading Range: .75-3.10 – Max Gain: 313%

Swift Energy Co. SFYW

We placed SFYW on watch yesterday morning after noticing that the stock was attempting to sustain a rebound off of its recently established 52-week lows.

The stock did perform nicely, trading up from a low of .065 to .1049 for a 61% intraday rip. The move occurred on volume in excess of more than 5X the monthly average.

Remember, we also identified a gap on the SWYW from roughly .11-.16, so we’ll continue to keep this play on watch for as long as a run to fill that gap seems plausible.

Halycon Resources Corp. HK

We were quite accurate in our assessment of HK’s condition in Monday morning’s premarket report. The observations we relayed at the time were that: “Not only is the stock coming off of a new annual low registered on Thursday, but… five members of management filed Form-4′s indicating the purchase of shares at .26. Both occurrences qualify HK for an extended-term recovery watch.”

Over the course of this week we’ve liked the strides HK has made toward that recovery, running from Monday’s low of .2233 on up to a new high of .337 yesterday. That represents a respectable three-session swing of 51%

As you can see on the included chart below, there appears to still be room for the present run to grow, so we’ll be watching out for the stock to record higher highs and higher lows in coming sessions.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Friday’s Options Success & More

VXX & SPY Options Recap

We ended last week on an extremely strong note with respect to our premarket options-trading ideas. As we’ve done so many times this year, we offered up some target ranges in which we felt we’d see big activity, and every single contract highlighted therein would go on to make huge intraday swings.

We outlined our interest in the VXX $20 and 19.50 Puts SPY $206-207 Calls, specifying that we’d flip to VXX Calls and SPY Puts in the event that the VXX breached its premarket high of 19.70. That never occurred, we therefore stuck with the original idea, and the possible gains afforded to whoever was paying attention were quite large:


$20 Puts  – Trading Range: .59-1.79  – Max Gain: 341%
$19.50 Puts – Trading Range: .29-1.28   – Max Gain: 203%


$206 Calls – Trading Range: .75-3.91  – Max Gain: 421%
$206.50 Calls – Trading Range: .48-3.42   – Max Gain: 612%
$207 Calls – Trading Range: .31-2.05 – Max Gain: 561%

These plays were also topics of discussion in our daily live trader’s chats last week, and we’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries from our readers who want to get involved. We welcome anyone who enjoys our daily reports to join in, and all you need to do is log onto Skype and send a contact request to username stocksumo.

VitaCig, Inc. VTCQ

We put VTCQ on watch in this past Wednesday’s morning report, and the stock made one heck of a two-session swing from the following morning to Friday afternoon’s closing bell.

Friday’s move alone was quite impressive- the stock ran from .008-.145 which comes out to an intraday pop of 81%  Our observed low of .0042 came promptly at the open on Thursday, and measured from that point, Friday’s closing price represents a total move of 245%

Granted the fact that we did see VTCQ close at its high of day on roughly three times its monthly average volume, we will want to leave this play on our radars. As usual we’ll look for it to record higher highs and higher lows, and to retain our attention, it will need to maintain support at or above .01. The next key area of resistance appears to be sitting at .0181.

Extended Watchlist: