Blue Horseshoe Stocks: APPG, RSH & OTIV Updates

Apptigo International, Inc. APPG

Our readers may recall that we tagged APPG as a potential bottom-play in Friday’s premarket report, as the stock was coming off its 52-week lows a couple of sessions prior.

We mentioned that we liked APPG “provided it can hold support above .365 in order to break the pattern of its recent downtrend”, and it did in fact maintain support above that level. We saw a daily range from .37-.43 which is equal to a 16% move, and the stock closed just a penny below its high-of-day.

We’ll be monitoring APPG as we kick off a new trading week, and looking for the stock to register higher lows and higher highs to confirm a sustained uptrend.

RadioShack Corp. RSH

Despite recent uncertainty caused by talk of possible bankruptcy proceedings, RSH did well on Friday. We’ve been tracking the stock heavily since the beginning of August, where we caught it at its 52-week low of .55.

Following a gradual incline to a high of 1.77, the stock has been under recent consolidation, and toward the end of last week we were looking for it to maintain support above its then-50DMA of .83, and it did just that.

On Friday it traded in a daily range from .86-1.00 (+16%), and closed at .91. Like the previously mentioned stock we’ll need to see RSH record higher lows and higher highs, and test its next key areas of resistance at 1.15 and 1.30.

It should go without saying that we’ll also want to keep our ear to the tracks for updates on RSH’s tenuous financial situation.

On Track Innovations Ltd. OTIV

OTIV made an appearance in Thursday’s newsletter on our extended watchlist. We saw the stock touch a low of 3.12 that morning, and then begin a gradual ascent spanning through Friday’s session as it went on to a subsequent high of 3.94 (+26%).

It’s going to remain high on watchlist today, as we’ve already seen trades in the premarket going off as high as 4.39. At that level, our total possible gain on this stock over the course of just a few sessions is expanded to 41%

Extended Watchlist: