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View Systems, Inc. VSYM

We tagged VSYM in yesterday morning’s premarket report and despite an early dip to a low of .0014, the stock made a heck of a bounce in the latter portions of the day.

VSYM ran into the closing bell and ended just a tick below its high-of-day at .0028. It marked an intraday pop of exactly 100% and the move occurred on healthy volume to the tune of just over 2.5X the monthly average.

Chimerix, Inc. CMRX

CMRX grabbed our attention on Monday as we were noticing the massive 75% premarket selloff that was occurring. Failed clinical trials can be damning for a stock, but we felt as if the move was too reactionary and placed it on rebound watch.

Our exact words from Monday’s morning report were: “Knee-jerk selloffs of this magnitude don’t come along every day, but when they have in the past, we’ve almost always seen some measure of a recovery.”

The trading action that has followed certainly validated our assumption about CMRX. The stock has managed to record higher lows every day this week, as it has trended from Monday’s daily low of 6.43 to yesterday’s high of 8.56; a three-day swing amounting to 33%

That figure was extended to 43% as of this morning’s premarket high of 9.19. Based on the activity we’ve tracked to this point, it’s likely that we’ll continue our observation of CMRX into the new year.

Weight Watchers International, Inc. WTW

We’ve made ourselves familiar with WTW ever since the news of Oprah’s involvement with the company hit the wires this fall. We had tremendous success with WTW options at that time, and the stock itself appeared on our premarket watchlist yesterday.

It was a great time re-enter it into the mix as WTW ran from 20.63 to 24.22, marking a 17% move to the upside. We’d consider that quite an impressive single-session advance for $20+ stock.

We also drew attention to the WTW $22 Calls in our live trader’s chat (which are currently free and open to all of our readers*) and those went on to make a stellar performance, running from .40-2.15 (+437%) subsequent to our signal.

*Send a Skype contact request to ‘stocksumo’ to participate in our daily trader’s chats.

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Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Updates, Fresh Ideas & More

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options Update

For the third consecutive session yesterday, we were treated to exceptional intraday performances by the AAPL Weekly $114-116 Calls that we initially signaled on Tuesday.

AAPL continued to bull its way to its highest PPS levels in over two months, and managed to close above $120 on the day. As a result, the contracts we were monitoring provided the following opportunities:

$114 Calls – Daily Range:  4.34-6.70 – Max Gain: 54%
$115 Calls – Daily Range: 3.47-5.70 – Max Gain: 64%
$116 Calls – Daily Range: 2.53-4.70 – Max Gain: 86%

While those gains were respectable, sharp traders will have seen greater opportunities in rolling up their strike prices to stay closer to the money as AAPL continued to run. The stock gapped up to crack the $121-mark in the premarket this morning, and so we’ll definitely be looking for quick-strike chances* in the range of the Weekly $119-121 Calls.

*Just remember, contracts with weekly expiration represent exploding offers. Extreme caution is required for trading these options on Friday!

LinkedIn Corp. LNKD

Speaking of fresh options ideas, LNKD is soaring in the premarket this morning, so we’re going to be tracking a range of contracts in this chain as well. We had tremendous success with LNKD calls this summer, and given the current conditions, we believe history could repeat itself today.

We’ll be prospecting a wide range in the LNKD Weekly $235-245 Calls as the session commences, as it seems that things could get very interesting(…and don’t forget the warning above about trading weeklies on a Friday!).

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: MAXD Update, Options Ideas & More

Max Sound Corp. MAXD

The first thing we want to do this morning is update our readers the performance of MAXD this week. Since we tagged MAXD for observation on Tuesday morning, the stock has gone for quite a ride. It has managed to record higher highs and higher lows every single day, and the overall span we’ve witnessed in just three sessions has been notable to say the least.

Yesterday’s high was .0478, which represented a 74% swing over our observed low of .0275 from Tuesday. Volume in that span has been significantly heavier than average, and we’ll want to continue to monitor MAXD for signs of a protracted uptrend. In order to keep our interest, the stock will need to hold support at or above a previous level of significant resistance at .032 on any pullbacks.

Nutrafuels, Inc. NTFU

We want to follow up on yesterday’s NTFU Special Report with a video presentation of the NTFU Chart, in which we’ll highlight some of the key aspects. 

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s report on NTFU, we invite you to check that out now. The company has a full line of products that are currently available, not to mention an impressive game plan for moving its business forward, that we feel warrants special consideration.

Yesterday’s news with Amazon was a big development too, so if you missed that as well, use the following link to get up to speed:

NutraFuels, Inc. (NTFU) Going Live on Amazon With Three Leading Oral-Spray Dietary Supplements; Weight-Loss, Sleep Support and Spa-Hair, Skin & Nails. (Thu, Oct 22)

We’d also suggest taking a look at the detailed investor presentation outlining the NutraSpray brand:

NTFU Investor Presentation

Fresh Options Ideas:

We’re looking for dip-and-rips out of both of the following stocks after a roughly a 10% gap-up on earnings in the premarket today in each case. For today’s quick-strike options trading radar, we’ll be tracking:

Amazon, Inc. AMZN Weekly $610-625 Calls

Microsoft Corp. MSFT Weekly $51-53.50 Calls

*Don’t forget that trading weekly options on a Friday is an inherently risky proposition, as they are on the verge of expiration. It can, however, be a chance for experienced traders to profit greatly as premiums go down and volatility rises. 

Extended Watchlist: