New Highs on KNOS, Options Idea

SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) Options Recap

For the readers who may have only recently found our site or subscribed to our daily mailing list, we commonly use the SPY as our go-to market analogue. When we’re hoping to prey upon the general sentiment of a given day or week, quick-strike SPY options are how we most often accomplish this.

Yesterday was one such day, as we kicked off the fresh trading week by signaling interest in the SPY Weekly $319-320 Calls. Right out of the gate, and until lunch hour, the SPY ran with the markets, and provided us with some very nice intraday gain opportunities:

SPY Weekly $319-320 Calls 
$319: 2.42-4.67 (+93%)
$320: 1.86-3.91 (+110%)

Fresh Idea:
BDC 09/18 $30-35 Calls

Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc. KNOS

The last time we updated readers on the fantastic gainer that has been KNOS was back on June 4th. At the time, we had witnessed a run following our initial April call of the stock (04/20/20) from .011-.1309 (+1090%).

We’re circling back this morning after the stock has yet again soared to new highs. Following our report in June, KNOS consolidated down to a low of .043, before gradually pressing to yesterday’s new high of .24. That works out to a swing of 458% just over the last month, and an overall increase from our initially observed low amounting to a whopping 2082%, making KNOS our top OTC pick of the past few months.

Extended Watchlist: