Terrific Tuesday Recap, 3 New Opportunities

Solid Day Tuesday:

Things got right back on the serious winning track yesterday, with our premarket report for Tuesday’s session containing four fresh options plays, and all four of them recording significant intraday upswings for us. We kicked off the week with 2 out of 3 runners in our Monday report, which isn’t bad, but of course we highly prefer to sweep the board with a perfect day.

Yesterday’s flawless run was powered by the INTC Weekly $34.50 Calls, the NVDA Weekly $129-130 Calls, the SPY 07/09 $555-556 Calls, and the HELE 07/19 $70-65 Puts. Here were the figures they posted for the session:

INTC Weekly $34.50 Calls
 .30-.77 (+157%)

NVDA Weekly $129-130 Calls
$129: 3.25-5.73 (+76%)
$130: 2.63-4.95 (+88%)

SPY 07/09 $555-556 Calls
$555: 1.19-2.26 (+90%)
$556: .60-1.41 (+135%)

HELE 07/19 $70-65 Puts
$70: 5.20-7.10 (+37%)
$65: 1.85-3.40 (+84%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ZM 08/02 $57-58 Calls
NVDA Weekly $133-134 Calls
SGH 07/19 $25 Calls

*Trading options contracts on their day of expiration should only be attempted by experienced day traders

Extended Watchlist: 

Huge Options, OTC Gainers & More

Big-Time Options Winners:

We put forth a pair of options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report. One on the bullish side of things and one bearish. They both did exactly what we needed them to do, and produced for us several incredible intraday gain chances.

Our contracts of interest for the day were the SE Weekly $295-302.50 Calls and the HD Weekly $327.50-322.50 Puts, and in both cases, we had the opportunity to score some major multi-bag gains on the day.

Here were the total moves and possible single session profits on those plays:

SE Weekly $295-302.50 Calls
$295: 5.50-23.95 (+335%)
$297.50: 4.30-20.34 (+373%)
$300: 3.50-19.62 (+461%)
$302.50: 3.10-16.50 (+432%)

HD Weekly $327.50-322.50 Puts
$327.50: 5.30-11.27 (+113%)
$325: 3.82-8.92 (+134%)
$322.50: 2.81-7.20 (+156%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
WB Weekly $47-49 Calls
TJX Weekly $70-71 Calls
LOW Weekly $187.50-190 Calls
ALC Weekly $75-80 Calls 

AXP Energy Ltd. AUNXF – Recap:

We also had one of the symbols from yesterday’s extended watchlist blow its own lid, and pop off for a serious intraday move. AUNXF traded from a low of .0078 and went on to hit .0179. That works out to a 129% run on the day, providing a great example of why readers shouldn’t just gloss over our daily extended watchlists!

The stock closed very close to its daily highs, so keep an eye peeled for the possibility of further opportunities here.

Extended Watchlist: