Blue Horseshoe Stocks: NDEV Recap, Pot Stocks Rock & More

Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. NDEV

We were just mentioning yesterday morning how we had first begun tracking NDEV on December 12th, and had subsequently witnessed a huge 250% move to the upside from our observed low of .30 to a high of 1.05.

Some people might have figured that the party was over after such a significant rise, but NDEV had other plans. The stock kicked off the short week yesterday on an impressive note, managing the biggest single-session swing we’ve seen yet, running from its morning low of .731 to a new high of 1.51. That was a super intraday push of 107% and the new high marked an overall jump from our .30 low amounting to 403%

Momentous Entertainment Group, Inc. MMEG

Speaking of continued movers, a week ago today was when we caught on with MMEG, and it has been nothing but bullish activity since then.

We initially observed a low of .0017 before the stock shot to .0055, a move of 224%. But it too kicked off the short week on a high note, with an intraday spike of 55% as dipped-and-ripped from a morning low of .0044 to a new high of .0068. It also extended our total observed gain on the play in less than a week to an even 300%

Ecolocap Solutions, Inc. ECOS

New to our reports yesterday was ECOS, which produced two noteworthy intraday moves during the session. It first ran from .003 to a high of .0048 (+60%) before pulling back to bounce off a low of
.0025 and return to .0037, adding another 48% to its cumulative gain totals on the day.

A stock with this kind of volatility is definitely worthy of continued observation.

Provectus Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. PVCT

We also want to provide a quick update on PVCT which we tagged in yesterday’s extended watchlist. The stock made a modest but solid 28% move from .018-.023, and we’ll want to continue to keep an eye peeled for signs of a continued uptrend.

Cannabis Stocks Rocking Again

Last but most certainly not least, we want to share an image of yesterday’s top traded OTC stocks, nearly all of which are in the cannabis space, which we’ve been drawing heavy attention to over the past several months. We released a reminder video to that effect over the weekend and published it in yesterday’s report, and were obviously met by a huge sector-wide surge.

Moving forward here are a few specific cannabis related stocks to continue to keep a close eye on: AGTK, FTPM, MJTK, MYDX, PMCB, GRNH, AMMJ, CNBX

Oceanic Research & Recovery, Inc. ORRV – Chatroom Call

We spotted ORRV in our chatroom yesterday, signaling it to our members at .0002 x .0003, and it went on to close at the high of day of .0008. That was good for a single session gain of 167%, and since ORRV closed at its high on abnormally high volume, we want to place it on momentum watch in the event of a possible continuation today.

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PMCB Update & More

PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. PMCB

When we released a special report on PMCB back on Tuesday of last week, we commented on the promising nature of trials the company currently has underway relating to various treatments based on its Cell-in-a-Box® technology.

At the end of last week, PharmaCyte announced some promising research specifically pertaining to its diabetes treatment, with the claim that it can actually reverse Type-1 Diabetes in mice.The full paper can be found at Human trials are the next step to take, and needless to say, should the treatment prove effective using PMCB’s encapsulation technology (that we described in our initial report,) acquisition by a large pharmaceutical company could become a very real possibility.

That also seems to be the thinking on the Street, as PMCB has made some impressive strides on the chart over the past several sessions. From the low of .12 that we observed in this play on 04/08, it has made its way up as high as .22; a respectable 83% overall increase. That impressive high came during yesterday’s session in conjunction with a breach of the current 200DMA of .19.

PMCB will be one that we want to keep on continuous watch due to its potentially industry-disruptive diabetes treatment.

Pazoo, Inc. PZOO

PZOO has been a flipper’s dream since we re-initiated coverage on it just a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday’s low registered as .008 before the stock bounced back to .0097, a 21% intraday swing.

It was the same story on Wednesday; we saw PZOO dip to a low of .0074 before returning as high as .0103 (+39%) We’ve continually stated that we’d like to see the stock trading at or above the .008 range which, for the most part, it has continued to do.

CEO David Cunic appeared in an audio interview yesterday, and this morning we’re seeing another PR directing our attention to an 8-K filing which outlines a recent agreement, among other things, so our readers might want to check out those links.

In the meantime, we’ll be on the lookout for upcoming intraday gain opportunities from PZOO, such as those that it has delivered numerous time over the past several sessions.

Identiv, Inc. INVE

We also want to make a quick mention of INVE, which made a solid 14% move yesterday as it traded in a range from 11.12-12.67. It came on over ten times the 3-month average volume, so we’ll be observing this one as the week draws to a close, and possibly into next week.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PMCB Special Report

PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. PMCB

As we kick off the start of a new trading week, our point of focus is going to be PMCB, a clinical stage biopharma company. The Biopharma/Biotech sector has been enjoying a resurgence of late, evidenced by many such plays that we’ve already run across this year. What sets PMCB apart from the rest is the versatility of its flagship product, which we believe has significant disruptive potential in the marketplace upon further development.

The nature of PMCB‘s patented Cell-in-a-Box® technology lends to its high development potential, as it is a cellular treatment delivery method which could theoretically be utilized for virtually limitless applications. It can be generically referred to as a ‘cellulose-based live cell encapsulation technology’, but to explain exactly what that means to the average person requires a bit more detail.

Cellulose is an organic polymer which is the most abundant such compound in nature, being found in varying quantities in the cell walls of all plants. It is chemically inert, and its insolubility in the human body makes it an ideal carrier for potential treatments. Microscopic capsules constructed of cellulose are filled with living cells, either lab-engineered or cultured from natural compounds, and introduced into the body. The capsules have micropores which do not allow for the escape of the contained cells, but are sufficient in size to facilitate introduction of essential nutrients and beneficial substances produced by the cells. >> LEARN MORE

PMCB has several irons in the fire with Cell-in-a-Box®. It has been granted orphan-drug status by the FDA relating to the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer, and the company currently has three separate Phase II trials underway testing its efficacy from multiple angles. >> LEARN MORE

In addition, the company has preclinical trials involving its technology’s implementation using cannabinoids, an active compound found in marijuana, which has the potential to help PMCB expand into another trendy sector. There are a number of other treatments in the preclinical phase, including those that treat diabetes, as well as brain and breast cancer.

Goldman Smallcap Research recently released a report on PMCB wherein senior analyst Rob Goldman referred to the company as a “prototypical acquisition target”. Based on what we ourselves have learned about PharmaCyte and the future potential of its many treatments, we’d find it hard to deny the possibility of PMCB getting picked up by a large pharmaceutical company at some point. >> GOLDMAN REPORT

FDA’s Record Approvals Bode Well for PharmaCyte’s Cancer Treatments
(Tue 8:45AM EDT)


We can also see potential in the chart in the near-term. PMCB recently ran off of its 52-week low of .10, making a solid move to .16. Yesterday the stock began to consolidate off of that spike, and there could be a considerable bounce once the stock finds support. We’ll be looking for that to happen at or above the current 50DMA of .12. Beyond that, if PMCB can break resistance at .16, the next patch is sitting at the 200DMA, just shy of .20. The stock was trading at that level back in January, and a return there from current prices would leave us open to gains in the neighborhood of  40% or more.

We’ve also prepared a video presentation of the chart for your convenience:

Learn More About PMCB @