Kicking Off the Short Trading Week with a Bang

Winning Options Review: 

We hope everyone had a pleasant long weekend, but we’re certain you’re as ready as we are to jump back into another opportunity-filled trading week!

On Friday morning we signaled fresh ideas in the chains of both the SPY and SPCE, specifically the SPY Weekly $430-432 Calls as well as the SPCE Weekly $51-53 Calls as well as updating our readers on the longer-term targets for TBIO that we placed on watch on June 21st, the TBIO 08/20 $17.50-20 Calls.

We’re going to start things off today by going over the single session gains made by Friday morning’s targets as well as the continued progress of our TBIO interests. Those ranges and total possible profits were as follows:

SPY Weekly $430-432 Calls
$430: 1.34-4.11 (+207%)
$431: .70-3.62 (+417%)
$432: .22-2.10 (+855%)

SPCE Weekly $51-53 Calls
$51: 1.92-4.47 (+133%)
$52: 1.49-3.90 (+162%)
$53: 1.20-3.37 (+181%)

TBIO 08/20 $17.50-20 Calls
$17.50: 2.88-13.00 (+351%)
$20: 1.65-9.60 (+482%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ARWR 07/16 $65 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Reviewing Friday’s Great Plays, Premium Service Update

Huge Options Success Continues 

To finish off what was a fantastic short week on Friday, we formulated a group of four options ideas- two on the bearish side of the fence, and two which were bullish. It was a mixed bag for ideas, but the results were uniform. Each and every contract we selected in all four ranges returned excellent intraday gain opportunities.

Here are the moves, and the total possible profits that could have been scored by ourselves and any of our readers who went for it on these alerts:

INTC Weekly $59.50-59 Puts
 .51-2.27 (+345%)
$59:  .29-2.29 (+689%)

IBM Weekly $124-121 Puts
$124: 3.44-6.64 (+93%)
$123: 3.95-5.70 (+44%)
$122: 1.86-4.80 (+158%)
$121: 1.23-3.96 (+222%)

KSU Weekly $212.50-217.50 Calls
5.34-8.00 (+50%)
$215: 2.40-7.10 (+196%)
$217.50: 1.59-6.00 (+277%)

SPY Weekly $381-382.50 Calls 

$381: 1.46-3.06 (+110%)
$382: .96-2.06 (+115%)
$382.50: .57-1.59 (+179%)

Premium Service Launches!

Most of our readers should already know that we began our premium service over the weekend! Our first class on Saturday was a rousing success, and one of the first picks we issued to members has already made some pretty good headway on Friday alone.

We signaled Ambient Water Corp. AWGI, which was trading for as little as .0038, so active members could have already been up as much as 58% in a single session!

Members get an awful lot of bang for their buck, the monthly costs of which could be covered by a single solid trade. Gaining access to the mind of a long-time veteran trader for these relatively small fees, is an opportunity that up-and-comers won’t want to pass up.

Here’s the current pay schedule, subject to change as membership continues to grow, so secure your subscription today:

– $75: Access to our private Telegram channel where we will be posting real-time trade ideas

– $125: Same as above, also includes video of new and archived bi-weekly classes

 – $250: Includes all of the above + 30 minutes of 1-on-1 time with an expert each month

To get enrolled today, please send an email with your contact information and a brief description of your trading history to

Extended Watchlist:

ADXS Update

Adavaxis, Inc. ADXS

Today we want to zero back in on a stock that we presented to our readers just a few weeks ago in our report from the morning of December 16th. Just a couple sessions following that alert, the stock bounced at a low of .55, and has been trending up ever since.

After weeks of steady growth, this morning the stock is receiving a booster shot in the premarket, having touched a new high of 1.57. That goes down as an upswing of 185% inside of three weeks!

Extended Watchlist: