Sweeping the Board on Options, Fresh Plays

A Perfect Day of Options Trading:

Just to recap what worked from yesterday morning’s premarket report, we had a clean sweep with our options ideas. Our targets focusing on the Walmart, Applied Materials, and Cisco chains produced huge intraday moves despite as a whole experiencing a general sell-off on the day.

We were targeting the WMT Weekly $133-136 Calls, the AMAT Weekly $143-146 Calls, and the CSCO Weekly $55-56 Calls, all of which recorded multibag runs on the day. We’re used to finding quick-strike options trading success, but nobody can be right every time, so it’s always nice when we can report in with a perfect session.

Here were the big intraday moves posted by our designated contract sets: 

WMT Weekly $133-136 Calls
 2.10-6.05 (+188%)
$134: 1.06-5.30 (+400%)
$135: .32-4.50 (+1306%)
$136: .69-3.40 (+393%)

AMAT Weekly $143-146 Calls
 .21-.78 (+271%)
$144: .19-.59 (+210%)
$145: .08-.43 (+437%)
$146: .06-.35 (+483%)

CSCO Weekly $55-56 Calls
 .92-2.12 (+130%)
$55.50: .58-1.67 (+188%)
$56: .38-1.34 (+253%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ROKU Weekly $115-112 Puts
DE weekly $380-385 Calls
DKNG Weekly $21-20 Puts 

Industrial Nanotech, Inc. INTK – Recap:

We’ve also got a brief update on INTK, which we tagged in our extended watchlist yesterday morning. The stock made a solid move on the day, running from a low of .0299 on up to a high of .0445 on its second-highest volume session of the past year, which made for total possible gains of 49%

Extended Watchlist: