STLK, IFUS Updates & Extended Watchlist

STL Marketing Group, Inc. STLK

We certainly hope that our members were able to capitalize on the sizzling hot alert we sent out at midday yesterday on STLK. The stock soared in the afternoon, allowing for folks to more than double their money! Our twitter followers could have picked up on this play back on October 20th (click the screen capture of our Oct.20th tweet to follow our account). A smart play following that alert would have yielded gains on the order of 315% (from .006 to .0249) at today’s new high.

As we stated yesterday, this is going to be more of a long-term play for us, but the immediate short-term benefits were exceptional as well.

It’s also going to be very important that you continue to follow our coverage of STLK, as there figures to be a lot of new developments in the coming weeks. With the Versant merger completed, we can now look forward to updates on the newly acquired subsidiary.

The plan STLK has for Versant is pretty exciting. The first stage involves the implementation of a 37.5 megawatt wind farm facility in the Guanacaste region of northern Costa Rica, with the end goal of upgrading the output to 120mW. That is enough to power 45,000 Coast Rican homes, equivalent to roughly 3% of the country’s entire population! The project is currently on track to be operational by the end of 2014.

The company has already received backing from the community- Don Carlos M. Gonzaga Martinez, the governor of La Cruz, the area in which the project is situated, said, “We firmly believe that through this sustainable economic, social and ecological project we shall improve the quality of life of our people. This gives us very positive expectations on the achievement of wind power generation in La Cruz. As such, we commit to act as facilitators for this project, with the hope it becomes a model with regard to both the environment and social development.”

We will continue to elaborate on the details of this promising stock as time wears on, so be sure to follow our activity either through our email reports or by visiting our blog at


Impact Fusion International Inc. IFUS

Our timing on IFUS wasn’t impeccable on Monday, but the stock is now finding support at .0008, and we are actively monitoring for a bounce play.


Extended Watchlist: