YLLC | Yellow7, Inc. | Special Report

Yellow7, Inc. YLLC

This morning’s brand new play is YLLC. We are always happy to bring our members a nice low priced stock. This is a stock that is trading near its 52-week low, therefore we are bringing it to you as a potential bottom-bouncer.

Not only are we looking at an interesting chart setup on YLLC, but the company has an intriguing business model as well. Yellow7 is a full service online media company that specializes in several methods- social, search, strategy, mobile and creative channels help the company provide its clients with the best possible service.

Some of the clientele that YLLC has worked with in the past include Gamestop, Travelocity, Nextel, and the Washigton Redskins football team, just to name a few.

Aside from a long list of clients, YLLC boasts a chart that we’ve come across at just the right moment.

The stock hit a new annual low yesterday, which makes now a great time to look at YLLC. Apart from the bounce from .0131-.022, the month of October has brought a light-volume downtrend to the stock. It has found a level of support at .008, and is looking oversold and ready for a dead-cat bounce. Key resistance is going to come at .0131 and .017, and past those points, at .022 and .026. Both the PPO and the Slow STO are setting up for a crossover, which would confirm the bullish status of the chart. We have provided a video presentation of the chart below: