SAPX, LATF & Extended Watchlist

Seven Arts Entertainment, Inc. SAPX

We’ve got to pat ourselves on the back for yet another job well done, this time, in the case of SAPX, a stock that has turned out to be a multi-bag gainer for us over the past ten days.

We first mentioned SAPX back on Thursday the 14th, (Morning, Afternoon), and then again on Friday the 15th. At that time, the stock was trading as low as .0035. Yesterday we saw it hit a high of .0102, which, from the low less than two weeks ago, represents a sizable gain of 192%


Medical Marijuana plays are still on our radars, although over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had a lot of other stuff that has been holding our attention. As a whole, we are still extremely interested in the sector, as the national conversation on the subject has reached a previously unheard-of level. We ran across a video news report outlining the fact that Ohio, after we’ve seen several other states make the move, may be the next state to follow suit and legalize marijuana for medicinal use.

Latteno Food Corp. LATF

In the case of LATF, we have (yet another) stock that we brought you first, that we are now seeing picked up and mentioned in newsletters by other groups. We always like to remind everyone, that if you are looking for the shrewdest picks, way ahead of the crowd; we have been, and will continue to be the best choice available. It was we who brought you the stock at the beginning of February, at prices as low as .023, only for it to turn around and spike sharply to .23, gaining us as much as 900%

Since that time, we’ve seen it settle back down to a low of .035, reached yesterday, so now is the time that we want to start monitoring LATF once again for an upcoming bottom bounce. In fact , we may have stepped back into the fray at just the right time this morning, as we see the company coming with fresh news:

Acquisition Allows Immediate US/Southeast Asia Expansion, Products Rollout and Revenue Building

SANTA ANA, Calif., March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Latteno Food Corp. (OTC: LATF) announced today that it has acquired California-licensed Green Cannabis Collective Inc. to further expand its medical marijuana edible market.>>MORE


Extended Watchlist: