ASKE, SCXN, SPY Calls & Extended Watchlist

Alaska Pacific Energy Corp. ASKE

Triple-zero stocks can serve well as “lottery ticket” plays, and have been known by us in the past, to sometimes be capable of large and rapid gains. ASKE falls under that category. Earlier this year, the stock ran 500% from .0001-.0006. Following that run the stock pulled back to .0002 before making a 150% move to .0005, so as you can see, ASKE is certainly able to deliver multi-bag gains. Every uptick from the current price would spell 30% in gains, So while they generally carry high volatility, triple-zero stocks certainly have some serious  “silver lining” potential.

Currently the stock is sitting at .0002, its 200DMA, with resistance at the 50DMA, of .0003.Should ASKE move past that level, it could very easily return to recent swing highs in the .0005-.0006 range, which would represent a quick 66-100% in gains.

Out this morning: Alaska Pacific Energy Corp: Message From the President


Scout Exploration, Inc. SCXN

We have mentioned SCXN plenty in the past, and it seemed like a decent time to re-mention it. The stock is hovering around a low, and has been holding above the 200DMA.

We also ran across a research report on SCXN that you may find informative.


Weekly SPY Calls

The SPY Index pulled back early in yesterday’s trading session, though it was very short lived, as the S&P500 rallied late in the day.This morning the SPY is gapping up to new highs, and we once again want to turn our attention to the 155.00 and 156.00 Weekly SPY Calls.

Yesterday, the 155’s closed at a 1.06, and the 156’s closed at .32. We expect to see gap-ups on each to the tune of 50% or better. If the last eight or nine trading sessions have any influence on today, we would expect to see a pullback followed by a potential bounce-play opportunity.   


Extended Watchlist: