SKTO, EPAZ & Extended Watchlist

SK3 Group, Inc.  SKTO

SKTO has been on our radar for just under two weeks now. Despite being up a couple hundred percent already at that point, we had to put this on our radar the Tuesday before last, and we were duly rewarded for that as the stock continued to run like an absolute beast. In that short period of time, we saw a monstrous run from a low of .0023 all the way up to .0499. That marks an unbelievable chance at up to 2070% in gains in less than two weeks!

Anyone new to this play, despite a fairly good chance that Friday’s momentum could carry this stock even further today, should most likely be waiting for a pullback. After a mega-surge like we’ve seen so far, a course correction is an eventuality for which we must be prepared.

Those of you who were well-positioned after our alerts, may want to consider locking in profits on the way up, which is never a bad idea, especially with a stock that has increased in value twenty-fold at such a rapid pace.


Epazz, Inc. EPAZ

EPAZ provided us with a couple of chances for profit on Friday following our morning alert. It began by running from .0022-.003, marking a gain of 36% We then saw a dip back to  .0017 before closing strong at .0025 for an added 47% rip. We mentioned that we wanted to see support hold at the 10DMA of .0016, which it did.

Also, take a look at this EPAZ spotlight video, which comes via our sister site,


Extended Watchlist: