PLUG, LATF, REDG & Extended Watchlist

Plug Power, Inc. PLUG

We first mentioned PLUG back on Feb. 15th, at which time the stock was trading at around .125 It made a 27% run to .1592, followed by a dip to as low as .1155. After including it in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist we saw the stock to run another 54% to a high of .1781.

For a period of under two weeks, we find cumulative gains of 81% to be more than acceptable.

Latteno Food Corp. LATF

On February 4th LATF was added to our watchlist of marijuana stocks for 2013, and we sent out another reminder to watch this play on the 26th. What we’ve seen since those reports were published is nothing short of an epic spike, to the tune of 900% Starting out from a low of .023 following our initial mention, LATF touched a high of .23 yesterday.

We continue to keep an eye on all of our tracked marijuana stocks in 2013, and with its recent performance, LATF has certainly earned the right of inclusion in that group.

Red Giant Entertainment Inc. REDG

Another winner from yesterday’s publication, REDG found a low of .075 before shooting as high as .15 on monster volume (roughly 79M shares) for a single-session spike of 100%

We definitely want to continue to keep an eye on a stock that has this much momentum.


Extended Watchlist: