PNCH, FLPC & Extended Watchlist

IC Punch Media, Inc. PNCH

We are still looking at PNCH this morning. The stock closed strong at its high of day yesterday, marking the sixth consecutive trading sessions in which the stock has posted gains.

After first appearing on our radar on Tuesday at .006, yesterday’s high came in at .0081, an increase of 35% It is always a good bullish sign when a stock rallies into the close, and ends the session at its high of day, so we will certainly be keeping PNCH in our sights.

PUNCH TV is one of the fastest growing channels among viewers 18-54, according to a special report on Multicast Networks published on December 3, 2012, in the Broadcasting & Cable Magazine. PUNCH TV completed the 2012 year with 35 partner stations and reaching 55 million U.S. households, marking a 2500% growth rate in slightly over 1 year.


First Liberty Power Corp. FLPC

We also wanted to send out a quick congratulation to anyone that caught this around lunchtime yesterday. After appearing on the midday report’s extended watchlist, FLPC, trading massive volume, went from .0069 to over a penny, gaining almost 50% in the second half of the day.


Extended Watchlist: