PLUG Options Recap, Fresh Ideas

Plug Power Inc. PLUG – Recap

Yesterday morning we signaled our interest in track some PLUG calls in the wake of the company’s Q3 earnings release, which reflected the best quarter in its history. We have an extended track record of mentioning the company in our newsletters abd formulating options ideas based on its chain.

This occasion was perfect in its timing with the historic earnings figures driving a serious intraday push from 18.47 to 21.89. That made the conditions for our PLUG Weekly $18.50-20 Calls just right to produce the following excellent moves for us:

PLUG Weekly $18.50-20 Calls 
$18.50: .97-3.50 (+261%)
$20: .48-2.22 (+363%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
ZI 11/20 $35-40 Calls
PLUG Weekly $21 Calls
DHI $65-66.50 Calls

Other Gainers From Our Watchlist 

Greengrow Technologies, Inc. GRNH – From yesterday’s cannabis watchlist, we had GRNH make a decent run from .0035-.005 for an increase of 43% You can find that watchlist HERE and continue to track the marijuana sector along with us.

DSG Global, Inc. DSGT – We initially signaled DSGT for tracking just under two weeks ago on the 30th of October, and not only has the stock made a move from .1333-.239 (+79%), but the chart is looking solid for the possibility of further gains, so we’ll want to keep our eyes peeled here as well.