DHI Recap, Fresh Options Plays

D.R. Horton, Inc. DHI – Options Review 

The big winner from the options ideas we put forth in yesterday morning’s premarket report turned out to be the DHI Weekly $65-66.50 Calls which fared quite well as the stock posted a daily range from a low of 66.36 up to a high of 71.81.

It continued our amazing streak of daily ideas with multi-bag gain potential, with each and every contract in our designated range recording a huge intraday run. Here were the maximum possible profits for anyone who happened to be in these calls:

DHI Weekly $65-66.50 Calls
$65: 2.23-6.55 (+194%)
$66: 1.75-5.51 (+215%)
$66.50: 1.14-5.10 (+347%)

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