EGCT, UPZS & Extended Watchlist

Ecologic Transportation, Inc. EGCT

EGCT made a power move last week, trading as low as .275 early on, and hitting a high of .46 Thursday before puuling back on Friday. Friday’s low of .35 seems to be our new level of support, and a baseline for bargain-basement prices.

We are still awaiting further details on the company’s intent to execute the acquisition of ACE Rent A Car. Once we get confirmation of the deal, things should really heat up in the way of interest in EGCT stock.


Unique Pizza & Subs Corp. UPZS

Like EGCT, UPZS is another stock that surged last week, only to pull back during Friday’s trading. We believe that this too, was an opportunity to purchase cheap shares in a stock that seems to be making moves lately.

We first mentioned UPZS the morning of August 15th. On that day it was as low as .051. At Friday’s high of .13, that represents a gain of 155%


Added Note: Everyone has been speculating as to the next A.P.S. Pick. We have a hunch that it could be PRTN, based on the building level of activity on the stock during Friday’s session. Last time we followed picks from this group, NSRS, and SNPK to very postive results. Should our inkling prove correct, we could be looking at a big percentage gainer in PRTN. Also be on the lookout for a new pick of our own that we will be presenting this week.


Extended Watchlist: