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Liberty Gold Corp. LBGO

After scraping and scouring, digging for a brand new play to present, we pulled up LBGO. Now that the summer doldrums are coming to a close, and a lot of the folks that have been on vacation are returning, we will soon begin what is known as the September Rally. The month of Sepember has always been big for trading, and as a result, one of our favorite times of year. In fact, gold and silver plays are already experiencing heightened activity.

We like the upside potential of Liberty Gold Corp. as much as any precious metal stock that we’ve seen in this price range for quite some time. Having an aggressive approach to growth led by a team of seasoned executives, as well as boasting a portfolio of properties located in known gold and silver producing regions, are just a handful of the reasons we are excited about this company.

Many analysts predict continued inflation and lower levels of value on the US Dollar as the economy struggles through one of the worst recessions in history. Historically, gold prices have had an inverse relationship with the value of the Dollar. This puts gold companies in the advantageous position of having their product being in and of itself, a form of currency that is valued everywhere.

From current levels, we expect to see substantial growth in the short, medium, and long term for LBGO. This company has a portfolio of properties projected to contain levels of gold and precious metals worth billions of dollars. Recent developments show visible gold in processed material from its claim in Arizona. Both regions are home to multi-billion dollar gold operations, and have a history of heavy production. Should everything continue to align for Liberty Gold, we could be looking at significant increases in the price of LBGO stock.

We know LBGO is capable of big gains, already running from .25 to .90 (+375%) from mid-July to August. Since that time, it has experienced a healthy consolidation with a key level of support in the mid-.70’s. Accumulation and Distribution has been on an incline this month, and there has been a recent increase in volume. When coupled with a Golden Cross of the 20DMA passing through the 50DMA, it appears now is a good time to give LBGO our consideration as it gears toward its next leg up.

We have prepared an informative report on LBGO, which would be a good place to start your due diligence.

LBGO Special Report – Download PDF

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