Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ERBB, REAC & Extended Watchlist

Tranzbyte Corp ERBB

ERBB gapped up following its inclusion in our morning report yesterday, before dipping to .007. From that point, the stock gave us an opportunity at roughly a 30% intraday gain, running to .0091.

For those who may have missed yesterday’s report: You may be interested to learn that Tranzbyte’s Altitude Organix subsidiary has made the leap into medical marijuana vending machines which they have dubbed “The Green Machine”.

An excerpt from yesterday’s PR:

All interactions with “The Green Machine” are reported in real time to Altitude Organix central headquarters so that machines can be constantly monitored, refilled, or repaired when needed. Since all machines are wired into the Altitude Organix Network, video and data can be transferred to and from each unit along with instant price adjustments in addition to other proprietary capabilities.

Following the rollout of The Green Machine, the company plans to make available to users a free companion iPhone and Android program that will enable prospective users to operate equipped machines directly from their phones, with their only interaction being that they must reach down to pick up their chosen product in the machine’s delivery door.

Continues Mr. Gwyther, “Unless you’ve been away on another planet for the past several years, you couldn’t help but notice that the politics surrounding the use of cannabis-related products in the US for medical and adult use is shifting toward acceptance on the condition that the herb is regulated and taxed. For the first time since cannabis was outlawed in the early 1900s, a majority of Americans favor the legalization, regulation, and taxation of all marijuana products.”


Real Estate Contacts Inc. REAC

REAC, the momentum alert that we added to yesterday’s report, went on to perform nicely early in the day, running from a low .023 all the way up to .046. There was a chance at a 100% profit before the stock saw some heavy selling pressure later in the afternoon, as it pulled back significantly.

Such a consolidation seemed inevitable following the huge 2600% move from its low two weeks ago .017, but we were glad to catch the last gasp of quite a momentous run. Moving forward, we’d like to see support hold in the .013-.015 range, in order to remain bullish on this play.


Extended Watchlist: