Blue Horseshoe Stocks: ERBB, REAC, FWDG, BOPT

Tranzbyte Corp ERBB

ERBB received a ton of promotional chatter this week in other newsletters. We have been talking about ERBB for far longer; the stock is one of the big performers from our group of cannabis stocks. We were covering this play early this year when it ran from the .002 range all the way up to a high of .014, for gains in excess of 600%

PHOENIX, April 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Tranzbyte Corporation (OTCPink: ERBB), announced today that will begin distribution of its Automated Marijuana Vending Machine within qualifying states and locales beginning next quarter.  Although some of the specific details of the machine’s operation must be kept under wraps for competitive reasons, the company has been at work for the past year identifying and working with a vending machine manufacturer that has the technological background and capability to exclusively deliver the Altitude Organix “Green Machine” – designed specifically to serve the exploding cannabis industry in the 21st Century with a complement of exclusively available Zazzz products coupled with state-of-the-art security enhancements.


Real Estate Contacts Inc. REAC

We want to put REAC on our watchlist today. Yesterday the stock had a huge volume day, moving from sub-penny levels, to as high as .035. This activity is going to put a lot of eyes on the stock today, thus we would like to add it to our watchlist as well.


FutureWorld Energy, Inc.  FWDG

We’ve had a few subscribers emailing us for updates on FWDG, so we will acquiesce to those requests. FWDG consolidated over the past two days, found support in the .006 range, before bouncing back to close at .011. The pullback was on light volume, a good sign for the chart, as we weeded out some flippers. It now appears to be establishing a new base level for its next leg-up.


Eco-Trade Corp. BOPT

BOPT pulled back yesterday, allowing traders the chance to enter as low as .332 before it rebounded back to .45, providing the chance at a gain of up to 36%