Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FSLR, VHGI, JRRD

First Solar, Inc. FSLR

On February 27th, FSLR appeared on our watchlist as a stock we were monitoring  for a bounce opportunity off of an earnings gap-down. Following that report, it was as low as 24.46. This week, we saw a big pop out of FSLR, running as high as 41.00, for a whopping 68% gain. Quite impressive, as it is not often that we see such sizable gains off of a stock traded on the NASDAQ.

Following that run, a consolidation ensued, as it found a base at 35.95; a level that we’d like to see held as future support.


VHGI Holdings, Inc. VHGI

We’ve been following VHGI for a LONG time. More specifically, since December 9th, 2011. In that period of roughly 16 months, we’ve had quite a bit of success trading this stock.

We saw an intitial run from .21-.52, 148% for our first ever alert on VHGI. We then proceeded to see another move from .225 in December, to .746 (+230%) in January of last year. But it didn’t stop there.

After taking a bit of a hiatus, VHGI cropped up on our radars once again, on June 25th. By that time, it had come all the way down to .055. A few weeks hence, we celebrated a gain of 255% as the stock touched .195.

We then backed off for awhile, until it began appearing once again in our extended watchlist last month March 1st. This is after we noticed it coming off of its 52-week lows, and out of the sub-penny range. That was on a Friday, and the PPS had reach one penny exactly. By the following Monday, trades were going off at .048, marking another solid move, this time, to the tune of 380%

Once again, the play appeared on our watchlists, on April 2nd, and as a feature in our reports on April 3rd. At that time, we observed a run from .0195, to a break of its previous swing high of .048 (which nearly coincides with the 200DMA at .045) up to a high of .07, adding close to 260% in added profit. The significance of breaking the 200DMA is huge for the bullishness of VHGI. We’d like to see support hold there (~.05) moving forward.

If anyone knows this stock, it would be us. It stands as one of the longest-running tracked stocks in our history.


Journal of Radiology, Inc. JRRD

JRRD has appeared in our extended watchlist, for the first time on April 2nd and 3rd. Following that time, the stock was trading as low as .0005, most recently on Wednesday. Yesterday, we observed a high of .0025, marking a huge 400% rip in just a few day’s time. Those of you who didn’t have it on your watchlists from the time of our original alerts, could still have managed gains of up to 67%, as it ran from .0015 to .0025 during yesterday’s session alone.


Extended Watchlist: