BMSN, MWIP, AMBS, AQLV & Extended Watchlist

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. BMSN

We recently (Jan.3rd) stated that we wanted to see BMSN hold support at .001, and the stock has done so thus far. On Friday, the stock broke out, breaching its 100DMA, and closing near its HOD at .0023.

The current key resistance is sitting at the previous high of .0024. We are anticipating a solid performance from BMSN to kick off the week, judging from Friday’s activity.


In a recent report, we were looking for MWIP to hold support off of .0199 “for us to remain bullish” which it did; that level is now also currently coinciding with the 20DMA. As you can see on the included chart below, the next resistance point is at .0455


Amarantus Bioscience, Inc. AMBS

AMBS has been one of our best plays so far this year, yielding opportunity for gains on the order of 1047% just recently. Considering the amount of dollar volume flowing through this stock, we’ve been suspecting that AMBS would continue to furnish us with sizable profits.

Friday saw the first significant bounce since the stock pulled back off of it’s recent high at .195. The stock rebounded from .0572 (just below the 50DMA of .061) and hit its high at the 20DMA of .094, our current resistance point.

We also published a video chart for AMBS to our YouTube channel last night.


Aqualiv Technologies, Inc. AQLV

AQLV has been a flipper’s paradise since we began watching it Wednesday afternoon. In Friday morning’s report, we pointed out that it was possible to have pulled in 209% worth of gains to that point. The stock then proceeded to pile on an additional 71% in gains from .0042-.0072, trading more volume than Wednesday and Thursday combined. With that kind of Friday momentum, we are expecting a strong start to what could be another great week for AQLV.

Video Chart for AQLV


Extended Watchlist: