AAPL, SFAZ & Extended Watchlist

Apple, Inc. AAPL

As most of you will remember, we began tracking Apple Options on Monday this week. Our selection of the $415 Calls, which were trading as low as 6.55 at the time, yielded us gains of up to 405% as the 415’s touched 33.10 yesterday. Our look at the $420 Calls was good for as much as a 587% gain, after running from Monday’s low of 4.15 to yesterday’s high of 28.50.

As we stated on Wednesday, we were looking to push our strike price closer to the money as the surge in AAPL stock’s price continued, “looking at the $445, $450, and possibly even the $455 Calls.” Wednesday the $445’s were as cheap as 1.21, before running up to yesterday’s high of 5.03, a gain of 316%

As we’ve stated previously, Fridays are our favorite days to trade options. The closer we get to the end-of-day on Friday, the more the premium evaporates through time decay.

Apple Options yielded us the possibility for cumulative gains on the order of 1308% this week, and successfully illustrated that under the right conditions, savvy options-trading can be incredibly lucrative.

Safe Technologies International, Inc. SFAZ

SFAZ first appeared in our reports as part of our extended watchlist on January 4th. On that day, we saw the stock run from .008 up .014, for a one day run of 75%

Following our most recent alert on February 22nd, the stock ran 263% from .008-.029. Since that time, the stock basically flatlined, as it pulled all the way back to find support in the .002’s. In recent days, it has begun to pick its head up a bit, setting off our scanners and giving us due cause to monitor this stock into next week.

Extended Watchlist: