FB Calls, GOGO, RNA, EXMT & Extended Watchlist

Facebook, Inc. FB – Options

We were looking for a dip-and-rip scenario from the FB 09/21 $45.50 Calls on Friday, and that is exactly what transpired. After dipping as low as .38, and closed at the high of day at 1.92, marking an enormous 405% intraday gain!

From when we originally mentioned these contracts on Wednesday, Friday’s close represented a move of 1820% off of the ten-cent low.

Gogo, Inc. GOGO

We started watching GOGO on Monday of last week, when the stock was trading as low as 14.79. At Friday’s peak, we observed a share price of 19.18, good for a nice 30% intraweek increase.

Remember, despite a very good short term performance from GOGO, that we are still keeping this stock on our long-term watchlist as well.

Prosensa Holding N.V.  RNA

RNA appeared in Friday’s extended watchlist, in which we clearly stated that we were watching for a bounce after a big gap-down, and that’s just what we got. The stock hit low of 5.65 before traversing its way up to 8.00. That was enough for single session gains of 42%

Anything Technologies Media, Inc. EXMT
This was an extended watchlist play of ours all last week, both on Monday, and Thursday. On Wednesday the stock was as low as .0009, and on Friday, as low as .0011 before closing at .0019. That call yielded us gains anywhere from 73-111%

This is one from our ongoing marijuana stock watchlist that we had noted coming down to its support level, and that sharp eye really paid off. It sets yet another example of why we always urge our readers to pay every bit as much attention to our extended watchlist plays as the stocks that we feature.

Extended Watchlist: