Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Brand New Pick Coming Tomorrow

Stay Tuned for Hot New Momentum Play Tomorrow!

We’ve got an intriguing stock that isn’t quite ready to be released today, but we’ve estimated that by tomorrow morning, it will be ripe for the picking. We’ve thus decided to hold off on bringing any fresh symbols to your attention today, in anticipation of tomorrow’s big play.

In the meantime, we thought we’d take a look back at couple of our recent successes:

SCXN | Scout Exploration, Inc
We’ve been following SCXN since December. On December 18th, a day following our initial alert, it was trading as low as .15. By February 5th, the stock had hit a high of .40, a move of 166% Following that run-up, SCXN dipped back to the .15-range by March 4th.

Yesterday’s news (below) caused a flourish of buying, and once again, the stock surged back to .40, mirroring its earlier performance. Currently .40 remains our key area of resistance, a break past which point is needed in order for us to see some more upside.

ST. JOHN’S, NEWFOUNDLAND–(Marketwired – Apr 22, 2013) – Scout Exploration Inc. (SCXN) has acquired the rights to an airborne, oil spill response system currently under development at IDS Offshore Inc., of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Growth in offshore drilling between Q1 2011 and Q4 2012 represents an expanding market for the Scout IDS Airborne Spill Response System.

During the 24 months between January 2011 and December 2012 the contracted offshore rig count grew by approximately 100 units, an increase of nearly 20% and now stands at an 85.2% fleet utilization rate.

Have a look at this report we ran across on SCXN

TFER | Titan Iron Ore Corp:
We caught TFER last week as it was coming off of its 52-week low, was as low as .095. When we originally alerted the stock, we were looking for a break of the resistance at .12 (20DMA), also noting that the next resistance would come at the 50DMA of .15. For those of you who missed those original alerts, you can view that report here along with included video chart.

The last three trading sessions, we’ve been bumping our heads against resistance at .145, and maintaining support at .13. It appears as if we are basing for our next leg up. Current resistance, as well as the next patch at .15 must be broken for us to remain interested.

Extended Watchlist:
CVN, CLSN, MEMS, SCON, WPNV, AAPL Options (Possible Puts and Calls, Straddle for Earnings After the Close)

Incoming search terms:

  • tfer message board

WPNV | WindPower Innovations, Inc. & Extended Watchlist

WindPower Innovations, Inc. WPNV

WPNV is an alternative energy stock that was a feature of ours on April 16th, as well as appearing the day prior in our extended watchlist. The stock had maintained a solid level of support at .02 since we initially began coverage, and on Friday, a rush of buying pushed it as high as .0378. With proper timing, one could have banked as much as 89%

The chart is currently shaping up nicely- the RSI just broke into the powerzone, and with the 50DMA rising sharply toward the 200DMA, it now appears as if a Golden Cross is imminent. We will definitely want to keep an eye on WPNV for a continuation of the uptrend we have thus far observed.

Extended Watchlist:
(PEIX, BIOF – Both on watch for a recovery from recent lows)

STKO, FWDG, TEGY & Extended Watchlist

Stakool, Inc. STKO

We first mentioned STKO back on April 4th, at which time the stock was trading all the way down in the .0002 area. Not much happened in the days following, but we continued to monitor the stock, and were rewarded for our patience. Earlier this week, the company announced the appointment of a new CEO, as you’ll see in the PR below.

The stock followed up the news with two days of heavy volume, as well as chances for gain on each day. Wednesday, we saw the low still at .0002, and then trade as high as .0006. Then on Thursday, we saw a range from .0003 up to .0006 once again.

Since we’ve already seen chances for gains ranging from 100%-200%, should the stock have trouble surmounting .0006, it may be a good idea for us to lock in profits and wait for the dip that precedes the next swing.


JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 17, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Stakool, Inc. (OTCQB: STKO) (OTCBB: STKO), a Florida-based corporation supplying natural and organic health and wellness products, announced the appointment of Kevin P. Quirk, effective April 20, 2013, as Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board.

Quirk brings over 20 years of general, brand and financial management experience along with expertise in raising capital in the consumer products and home healthcare industries. His career began at Anheuser-Busch, followed by various management positions within the Coca-Cola Company. He is a graduate of St. Louis University and the Advanced Management Executive Education Program from Harvard Business School.

FutureWorld Energy, Inc. FWDG

We are putting FWDG on PR watch. In an 8-K filed Tuesday, the company alluded to a potential acquisition in the works, so we definitely want to keep our ear to the tracks, and monitor for any updates that may be forthcoming.

From Tuesday’s 8-K:
FutureWorld Energy, Inc. announces today that the Company is in final stages of discussion with a potential acquisition candidate that the Company believes would significantly benefit its future and its shareholders. We hope to close this acquisition as soon as we get clearance from our counsels. Thereafter, we will update our shareholders accordingly.

Transact Energy Corp. TEGY

TEGY makes our alerts as a possible momentum play, after having a big volume day yesterday accompanied by a significant move to the upside. We have this stock on watch today for a possible continuation of that momentum on the heels of this morning’s PR.

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, April 19, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — TransAct Energy Corp. (OTCQB: TEGY) announced today it has initiated the permitting/permissions process for the development of its Scotland based 500 tonne per day Energy from Waste plant. The process to secure a Part A permit under section 5.5 of the Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2012 Applications namely “Production of fuel from Waste” is underway. The permissions required from the municipal authority with jurisdiction over the plant, West Lothian Council, will be sought at the same time.

Side Note:
After a successful day playing options on AAPL on Thursday, and using its high volatility to our advantage, we are going to be looking for similar action in the Puts and Calls today. We are lowering our strike prices to $390 and $395, as it becomes easier to realize gains, the closer to the money you get. Hopefully this will help us put an exclamation point on what has been a very fruitful week for us. We’ll see you all on Monday, Happy Trading, and Good Luck Out There!

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Midday Updates

Titan Iron Ore Corp. TFER

TFER was a feature in yesterday’s daily report, and for good reason. The stock had just been coming off of its 52-wk low, and was trading for as little as .095 during yesterday ‘s session. Today, we’ve already seen a high of .145, representing overnight gains of up to 52%.

As we stated yesterday, should TFER break past the previous 20DMA at .12, we’d like to see that hold as a level of support to remain bullish. So far today that has happened; at the time of this publication, the stock is currently trading in the .13-.14 range. The next main patch of resistance comes at the 50DMA of .16.

Link to yesterday’s Video Chart on TFER

Apple, Inc. AAPL

AAPL continued to lose support this morning, leading us to focus on the $400 Puts, which were as cheap as 2.48, before hitting a high of 8.75, and the $410 Puts, which traded in an impressive range from 6.95-17.15. Possible gains were as high as 253%, and 147%, respectively. As we said this morning, the volatility of AAPL makes for some pretty exciting possibilities for anyone with options trading-ability.

Future World Energy | FWDG & Extended Watchlist

FutureWorld Energy, Inc. FWDG

Many of you will recall FWDG as a stock that recently brought us substantial gains, as you can see from this excerpt from our daily report for April 8th: “A quick recalculation of our total cumulative gains on FWDG in less than a week, provides us with a staggering figure of 1054% from the low following our initial alert at .0013 (Tuesday) to Friday’s high of .015.”

After it hit a high of .016, the stock went on to consolidate down to .006 last week. Following yesterday’s mention of FWDG in our Extended Watchlist, the stock broke resistance at a penny before running as high as .0145. Moving forward, we’d like to see the stock test previous resistance at .016. A break past that point would place FWDG firmly in the realm of Bluesky Breakout Mode.

Side Note: We are also scanning APPL for Options trading opportunities. AAPL looks like it may have found support around $400, judging by premarket activity this morning. It appears to be gapping up to a high of 407.76. So currently we are looking at the $410 Calls, but obviously, we will be changing our focus to the $400 puts, should it begin to lose support. There may even be opportunities on both sides of the fence, based on the volatility we’ve seen from Apple of late.

Extended Watchlist: