MWIP, SCXN, & Extended Watchlist

MediSwipe, Inc. MWIP

MWIP closed at its high of day on Friday of a penny on record volume since Sept. ’11. High volume at heightened prices is often a signal that new investors are accumulating the stock, churning out the flippers and profit takers from lower levels.

It’s always a good idea to lock in profits when we have the chance to do so, and we certainly have given everyone that chance, with yesterday’s high representing a 317% rise from the low since we began talking about MWIP.

As stated in Friday’s report, the next key resistance point is going to come at .0125. With the way MWIP closed on Friday, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a continuation of momentum into today’s session.

Typically a gap up is followed by some profit taking, so we’d really like to see support hold at a penny, in the event it dips back to fill that gap.


Scout Exploration, Inc. SCXN

SCXN is new to our reports today. In October, this stock was as low as a nickel, and it caught our attention on Friday after hitting a new 52-wk of .39, trading record volume in the process, to tune of more than 6X it’s 3mo. average.

Scout Exploration has a really interesting backstory- The company has been developing an ‘Oil-Spill Response System’ for the better part of 5 years now. In a nutshell, it has developed a line of unmanned first-response vessels that can be deployed via aircraft, as opposed to traditional implements which are deposited at the spill site by sea. In effect, it is their aim to greatly decrease response time of spill remediation. Faster response times could make a world of difference in dealing with the type of accident that spreads and worsens every minute it goes un-contained.

That’s why we are interested in watching SCXN move forward with this great idea, because it serves a real need. After seeing the kind of devastation caused in the Gulf of Mexico from the recent BP catastrophe and the mishandling of the clean-up, we think it’s about time that someone developed a faster, better way of facilitating rapid and effective action when the unthinkable occurs. SCXN is in the process of doing just that, and we’ll be watching with fingers crossed, because their success would mean something of great significance, not just for the stock but for the world at large.

Take a look at this video about Scout Exploration, Inc.


Extended Watchlist: