ASUV, TFER & Extended Watchlist

Harmonic Energy, Inc. ASUV

ASUV opened up at .055 yesterday, and steadily climbed all day, following alerts from us on the stock both yesterday morning and afternoon. ASUV ran as high as .109, marking a fantastic 98% gain on its second-highest volume day ever. Perfect timing on the recent bottom is what made it all possible.

One of the other reasons we like the setup on ASUV so much, is the tight share structure- 100M Authorized, 63M Outstanding, as well as the fact that the company has only $437K in total liabilities.

We are on the lookout for a possible gap up this morning after yesterday afternoon’s strong performance. As you can see on theĀ  video chart we posted below on ASUV, the RSI is still coming off of being oversold. There is still much room for recovery, as we feel yesterday could be just day one in a turnaround that could continue to yield substantial gains.

(Includes Charts on both ASUV and TFER)


Titan Iron Ore Corp. TFER

Much like ASUV, TFER is coming off of its 52-week low, and as you all know, this is one of our favorite occurrences in the trading world. Recovery plays are our bread and butter, so its nice to have not one, but two plays that fit the description.

Yesterday, the stock posted a strong rally, making a 30% and closing near the high of day. In recent months TFER has struggled to punch through the 20DMA at .12. Ideally, we’d like to see a break past, and the PPS to hold above that point, in order to confirm a sustained uptrend.

We also included TFER in today’s joint video chart, pointing out that the PPO is pinching, so we’re looking for a cross there, and the RSI is on the cusp of breaking its 50DMA.

Extended Watchlist: