Blue Horseshoe Stocks: End-of-Week Updates

Update on This Week’s Options Calls

Sensing the overall trend in the markets yesterday led us to profess our interest in Options Calls on these big-board stocks. It turned out to be a good decision- it wouldn’t have mattered which options chain you went with, gains were possible with all four:


The biggest opportunities came with GOGO and TSLA, but we’re still looking at call contracts for all of them. Additionally, we want to add FEYE and DDD to that mix as we head into the upcoming long weekend.

We’ve also been tracking AAPL Calls intensively over the past several sessions, and the stock did in fact hit new highs in the $609’s yesterday, so we’ll keep ourselves hot on the trail of potential gains in the Apple options chain as well.

It isn’t every day that we track options calls so heavily, but when we do, it seems to work out for us more often than not.

Royale Energy, Inc. ROYL

ROYL was a particularly bright spot on yesterday’s Extended Watchlist. The stock began to run right out of the gate, rapidly appreciating from it daily low of 3.12 to a subsequent high of 4.12.

That was a solid intraday move of 32% on nearly 39x its 3-month average, perhaps largely due to the PR that hit the wires yesterday:

SAN DIEGO, May 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Royale Energy, Inc. (ROYL), announced that Rampart Energy, Ltd and Royale Energy, Inc. are pleased to jointly issue an update to shareholders and stakeholders on the seismic received:


  • Large conventional target up to 20,000 acres in size;
  • Strongly supported by Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (‘DHI’s’);
  • Joint interpretation of the Big Bend Cube taking place in San Diego;
  • Very strong results dovetail into drilling plans with submission of key permits for approval by Alaskan regulators;
  • Prospective Resource assessment to be completed soon. >>FULL PR

We’ll most likely be monitoring this play for awhile, as positive results from that upcoming ‘Resource Assessment’ could drive even more interest ROYL’s way.

Extended Watchlist:

UNLA | Unilava Corp: Momentum Alert

Unilava Corp. UNLA

We have yet another momentum alert for you this morning. UNLA has come to our attention via our abnormal volume scanner as a stock that has begun an uptrend after coming off of a recent bottom. The last time the stock traded the level of volume that was observed yesterday, was in late December to early January, and it ran from .0025-.03. Conditions on the chart suggest it could be gearing up for another breakout, so we wanted to pass it along this morning.

On the chart below you can see that UNLA currently boasts an RSI that is getting ready to pass through the 50-line and the 50DMA. There was a hammer candle formation yesterday, as the stock bumped its head into the 50 and 20DMA’s at .0066, and .0069 respectively. The PPO is currently pinching, and preparing to cross, and the Slow STO recently crossed over, with the lines beginning to diverge.

It seems .013 and .03 are the next main areas of resistance following the 20 and 50 Day Moving Averages, so any trouble UNLA might have getting over those humps may be an indicator to take whatever profits we’ve gained by that point off the table.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks 2012 Wrap-Up Report

The short week that is now upon us will mark the beginning of a new year! 2012 was an extremely successful stretch for us, and we are anxious to make 2013 even better. A tall order, but one that we will gladly attempt to fill, and we hope you will stay with us every step of the way! Before we jump into today’s report, lets have a look at our Top 5 Winning Picks from 2012.

  1. ATRN  Range: .0148-.3599  Gained: 2332%
  2. BBDA  Range: .0015-.0199  Gained: 1227%
  3. ANTS  Range: .0034-0328  Gained: 865%
  4. MWIP  Range: .0024-.0199  Gained: 729%
  5. AMBS  Range: .017-.1295  Gained: 662%

Let us also not forget our series of medical marijuana round-up reports that we began publishing on October 16th. The following weeks brought us cumulative gains on the order of 885% from stocks contained in those reports. We had success across the board this year, including swathes of other percentage gains, the total of which surely numbers in the tens-of-thousands.

Like we said, the wins will continue to pile up in 2013, and based on how things have been going, we anticipate this will be our best year ever. You most assuredly don’t want to miss it. The wildly successful “Extended Watchlist” portion of our daily reports that we implemented this year will continue to be a staple moving forward, and as always we are open to correspondence/suggestions from our reader-base.


Extended Watchlist: