ASKE, SCXN, SPY Calls & Extended Watchlist

Alaska Pacific Energy Corp. ASKE

Triple-zero stocks can serve well as “lottery ticket” plays, and have been known by us in the past, to sometimes be capable of large and rapid gains. ASKE falls under that category. Earlier this year, the stock ran 500% from .0001-.0006. Following that run the stock pulled back to .0002 before making a 150% move to .0005, so as you can see, ASKE is certainly able to deliver multi-bag gains. Every uptick from the current price would spell 30% in gains, So while they generally carry high volatility, triple-zero stocks certainly have some serious  “silver lining” potential.

Currently the stock is sitting at .0002, its 200DMA, with resistance at the 50DMA, of .0003.Should ASKE move past that level, it could very easily return to recent swing highs in the .0005-.0006 range, which would represent a quick 66-100% in gains.

Out this morning: Alaska Pacific Energy Corp: Message From the President


Scout Exploration, Inc. SCXN

We have mentioned SCXN plenty in the past, and it seemed like a decent time to re-mention it. The stock is hovering around a low, and has been holding above the 200DMA.

We also ran across a research report on SCXN that you may find informative.


Weekly SPY Calls

The SPY Index pulled back early in yesterday’s trading session, though it was very short lived, as the S&P500 rallied late in the day.This morning the SPY is gapping up to new highs, and we once again want to turn our attention to the 155.00 and 156.00 Weekly SPY Calls.

Yesterday, the 155’s closed at a 1.06, and the 156’s closed at .32. We expect to see gap-ups on each to the tune of 50% or better. If the last eight or nine trading sessions have any influence on today, we would expect to see a pullback followed by a potential bounce-play opportunity.   


Extended Watchlist:

YLLC, STLK & Extended Watchlist

Yellow7, Inc. YLLC

Yesterday we brought YLLC to you as a stock that was trading near its annual low, stating that it was looking ripe for a bounce. As is often the case, our timing was fantastic, because the bounce indeed came to fruition! After subsiding from an early morning surge, the stock ran from .0075 all the way to .013, for very respectable intraday gains of up to 73%

Based on the momentum and trading activity we observed yesterday, we are going to want to keep this one on our watchlist; more opportunities could be in store.


STL Marketing Group, Inc. STLK

First off, we wanted to forward the notice posted to Versant’s Facebook page yesterday:

“We wanted to thank everyone for their calls regarding yesterday’s earthquake in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. All Versant personnel are fine and the project site as well. We are in an area known for its lack of earthquakes and just in case, when they are built the tower specifications for our site will have the same seismic code as California.”

Those of you who may have missed our reports on STLK from earlier in the week, might want to look them over.

Over the weekend, STLK began updating its filings, in order to get current on information with respect to the merger with Versant. We’re expecting the Caveat Emptor status to be removed at any time now. Once we see the status updated, we think we should start to see more information released by the company with regard to the merger.

As far as the chart is concerned: Earlier this week, we saw the RSI run into the powerzone, twice breaching the 70-line, and both times the stock broke out. Accum/Dist. has been on a steady incline, and the stock is holding support on this 30 min. chart, above the 50DMA of .011. Below that we have support at the 100/200DMA of .008. The PPO is pinching, getting ready for a bullish cross, and the histogram is ready to flip up to the bullish side as well, while the Slow STO also crossed with its lines diverging.

STLK has been a field day for flippers, with traders being able to enter in the low .01’s, and exit in the high .01’s for quick profits of 50% or more. For example, yesterday we saw trades as low as .011, with the stock closing at .017.

This is still going to be a long-term focus for us, but as we stated earlier in the week, the immediate benefits are also prevalent with STLK. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.


Extended Watchlist:


APP, MFTH, SGLB & Extended Watchlist

American Apparel, Inc. APP

We first talked about APP all the way back on December 27th. Yesterday it popped back onto our radars as we observed APP hit a new 52-wk high.

Granted the season, and industry, APP should be experiencing better quarterly numbers in the months ahead. Between students returning to school, and the impending holiday retail boom, this apparel company is in position to rake in quite a bit of revenue. For that reason, we will be monitoring APP more closely in the immediate future.

We have also prepared a video chart outlining some key technical points for the stock.


Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. MFTH &

Sigma Labs, Inc. SGLB

As we have stressed in the past, the symbols we place in our extended watchlist simply must not be overlooked. These two stocks did very well yesterday.

MFTH opened at the previous close and LOD of .004, then hitting a high of .0071 before closing at .0062 for possible intraday gains ranging from 55-78% Not bad for having just racked up over 100% in gains one day prior. Following our first mention of MFTH, the stock saw a low on the order of .003, and subsequently touched a high of .006 last week, and has been holding support in the low-to-mid .004’s.

SGLB opened at .016, and touched .03 before closing at .02. for gains ranging from 25-86%


Extended Watchlist: