VYST Blows its Lid Again

Vystar Corp. VYST

We’re back to report on our performance with VYST once again this morning. Just yesterday we noted that we had mentioned the stock on both Thursday and Friday, in time to see a 143% run from a low of .0134 to .0325 on Friday. That move occurred on volume of roughly 150 mIllion shares, and led us to point out that we were looking for a continuation of momentum into this week.

Our hunch was confirmed as VYST opened up the week like a beast, smashing its previous two day volume with 311M shares changing hands. The stock soared from a daily low of .0376 and hit .0724, representing an intraday gain of 93%  From our observed low on Thursday, that works out to an overall rise of 440% and justifies our continued inclusion of speculative OTC plays in our daily reports.

Options Ideas 

We are going to signal a couple of ideas for AAPL and ADBE this morning on the heels of the revelation that Adobe will be partnering with Apple for its MacOS overhaul. Coupled with a push for the markets on fading trade fears, we could see some nice movement in the following targets, as well as some SPY Calls:

AAPL Weekly $360-365 Calls
ADBE Weekly $435-445 Calls
SPY Weekly $312-315 Calls

Extended Watchlist: